Monday, October 08, 2007

No Thanks.

You know how sometimes you're just not On? Yesterday was Thanksgiving and man, did I blow that dinner. Mr HalfSoledBoots' brother and his girlfriend are visiting from back East (they laugh whenever they hear me say that, by the way: "back East". They think Ontario is, and I quote, "central".) and I, being generally considered a good cook, set out to produce my usual yummy turkey feast, replete with delicious yams and nutty, cranberry-y stuffing.

Things didn't really work out, between one thing and another.

WHAT IS UP WITH TURKEYS THESE DAYS ANYWAY? The turkey was done two hours before it should have been done (and I did the math, like, THREE times to make sure I was right about how long) and I had to scramble to do all the potatoes, vegetables, whatnot while the poor dessicated turkey got progressively done-er and dry-er. The only good parts were the thighs, and even those were slightly on the "more-cranberry-ginger-ale-please" side.

And the Thanksgiving dinner isn't the only thing going down the toilet. Remember the Sockapalooza fiasco? Well, I was right: the universe is not done with those socks. Apparently they (or, I suppose, I) have more spankin' coming at the hands of the Powers That Be. A few weeks ago, I got an email notification from the Sockapalooza database saying that my Sockpal, who had not yet received the package, had changed some of her information. My heart sank as I scrolled down to read that her entire address had changed - she had moved. I immediately thought "the package will go to her old address and it'll sit there until they send it back."

Guess what? Once again I was right. She discovered that a package from Canada had arrived and was sitting at her old apartment. By the time she got there, it had been sent back to me. When it arrives here, I get to turn it around and sent it BACK to Denmark, for an additional $15 shipping charge.

Just for fun, I added up what Sockapalooza cost me:

- Gothic Spire sock pattern $7
- Gothic Spire sock yarn $16
- Gothic Spire sock needle $7
- Marina Piccola sock pattern $6
- Marina Piccola sock yarn $24
- gifty items for the package $20
- shipping to Denmark $15
- shipping back to Denmark $15

For a lovely total of $110. (I'm hoping Mr. HalfSoledBoots doesn't read this post, but somehow I think he will. Because that's just my luck, you know?)


Kate said...

Well that just sucks. I got nothing funny to say to that. Nothing.

But I'm thankful for you, so there you go.

And I'm thinking of you and Sandy and her familia tomorrow.

Ames said...

Well, Mr. Great White North had to work late. So I have a raw but prepped turkey sitting in the fridge.

Shan, you HAVE to use one of those baking bags put out by Reynolds. It is the ONLY way to cook a turkey. It does not matter if you over cook it, it will still be juicy. They are awesome.

Ames said...

In fact, if they do not have those bags in Canada. I need to know NOW. Gotta stock up.

lizbon said...

Oh my fracking fruckness, that is hellacious. (I refer to the sock fiasco.) Poor you, as Annabelle would say.

Gwen said...

It's definitely been an off year for buzzuds. Must have been the lack of wine during the cooking process.

Don't join any more of these masochistic sock swaps, love. They're sending your gray hairs down in sorrow to the grave.

Tabatha said...

Oh, both those things suck. I am sorry.

I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. I got out of doing dishes a lot of the time this weekend which scores big in my books.

karen said...

My turkey also cooked WAY faster than it was supposed to - I calculated several times - refered 3 times to my Joy of Cooking for reassurance as to the # of minutes per pound of a stuffed bird - and even so - we too(Mr. Quintessential as I) were scambling in the kitchen to get all the veggies done in time and get the cranberries cooled ( in the freezer - as our time was off by approximately 1 and half hours!!)It was good and family and friends did not know about the last minute run. oh and about- THOSE SOX - it has been your trial Shan - and you have persevered and won out over the obstacles - just send the sox back to the promised recipent and never, never travel down that sock path again!!!