Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Filter, Schmilter

Dear Spammers:

Thank you very much but I do not wish to grow my penis, nor do I care what other people think of its size. Or in fact of its nonexistence.

I don't want to join you in your casino paradise, either, notwithstanding your promise to deposit $2500 in an account of my choice just for joining.

And no, your incredibly low (but sure to grow) stock offers do not entice me.

If I needed prescription drugs I would see my doctor, who would no doubt even prescribe me Viagra if I wanted one badly enough. I don't need to Respond Now and guarantee my low rate (shipping included).

Now please leave me alone.



clumsy ox said...

It gives me great self-confidence to know you get Viagra spam too. I had started to wonder what Ames had been telling people.

Of course, the worst was breast enhancement ads. I already have an impressive rack, but it's something I'm trying to get rid of...

Ames said...

Yeah, what she said.

Brenda said...

I believe we are both with crcable, and I too have been getting TONS of spam the last week or so. Very annoying! I wonder what has happened with their spam filter?

Kate said...

I think the spammers have stepped it up a notch, Brenda, because Telus has been getting a bit lately as well. Usually there is none, but lately all those bankers are trying to get me (and they're not MY bankers!).

Or do you mean in your comments, Shan?

Anna said...

You missed out on this one! "I am the queen of Nigeria. My husband just tragically died. I know you can help me. There are millions of dollars just waiting for us to collect. If you send me two thousand, you will get $50 million. I picked you because you seem smart, caring, etc...."