Saturday, May 05, 2007

Long After the Thrill of Livin' is Gone

Remember this?

In exactly one month's time it has become this:

My euonymous is thriving as well, despite being on the appy list at the Abominable Quadruped Tapas Bar. Note the nibbled branches. Those bastards are not supposed to like euonymous but I believe they will force it down if it means pissing me off. We have history.

Speaking of deer, I only managed to keep one package of bulbs from them this year. Lesson learned: put the deer fencing up before your carefully-chosen tulips become lunch.

And I am within spitting distance of finishing Ogee. I had a bad day today, full of unpleasantly gritty emotion, so I got a lot of knitting done as I paced around listening to my ambient "Waterscapes" CD and trying to stem the flood of mournful tears.

This picture is a few hours old, so add four inches to it and you've got a sleeve that is almost at the armholes. Yay me!

Must hit the pillow now. All the aforementioned emotion tired me out...hence the early bedtime. (Please note the time of this post and also the sarcastic inflection of that last sentence.)

PS: I had meant something special for this one, but I am simply creative-d out. This is my 100th post. Congratulate me if you will...although commiseration might be more appropriate.


Sue H said...

OK, congratulations on reaching 100 posts.
Those plants look great, even with the "nibbled" leaves, pesky deer.
I too have had a rather emotion filled day today, but for me it was more depression, and I only did one and a half dishcloths, and even that was a huge effort.

Gwen said...

Well, I had a rotten, rotten day yesterday too, and what a delight it was to see a new post this morning before work! I laughed all over again at the old deer posts, and gazed at those tulips with inordinate pleasure. You are fabulous even in your low times, lovely sister! kiss! kiss!

ps - love the lunar cycle ticker, am going to copy that.

Kate said...

...We Rock On...
You're killing me with all these song titles, my dear, but in a good way.
Lovely plants, Ogee excitement, sucky weather, sad for your sucky day.
100 posts yay you!!!

karen said...

So sad that you had a rotten day - makes the Bright days even brighter....just remember that we are all with you, thru the good days and the not so good!
Hope that today is a better day - at least YOU have tulips growing - I have not been brave enough to put out the little souls(flowering plants) in this dismal weather, I'm afraid that they will freeze to death, by the May 24th weekend I will finally be brave enough to put my plants out.So congratulations on the 100th posting - you reallly are quite amazing!
Talk soon,

Jo said...

That's amazing - how tall is the bush? I have a flowering almond in my front yard that I *swear* bloomed in the course of a day

lizbon said...

Should we call you a centepostarian now? I have to say, I envy your remaining plants, heck I even envy your deer.

Though there are plenty of tulips blooming in their little boxes in front of the posh Park Ave. buildings, it doesn't feel the same as having one's very own tulips.

Shan said...

Jo, the peony is 33 inches high.


Kate, I have been singing "Jack and Diane" for days now. "Hold onto 16 as long as you can: changes come around real soon, make us woman and man."

Lizbon, it IS awful nice to have flowers, bushes, deer, grass, what have you. I gotta say I'm lucky.