Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I May be Suffering from Low Self Esteem.

I've been thinking that I should put up some pictures of me...you know, because it's just more interesting when you know who you're talking to. So here it is, the blogger's self-portrait.
My eyes look blue in this picture, but in reality they are green. Also I don't remember my shoes being so disparate in size, but they say cameras don't lie, so...
Luckily there are prettier things to look at than me, and here are some.
At my front door.
In front of my stoop.
What I created today.
The top of my fridge.


Gwen said...

I let out a huge guffaw at your picture. I'm very impressed at the top of your fridge!

Lizbon said...

Oh, if only the top of my fridge were that photogenic - or clean. Anytime I need to get something out of my over-fridge cupboard, I have to move about 14 different kinds of vitamins, two cereal boxes, and a huge tub of catnip.

Love the self-portrait. You are looking very svelte.

Ames said...

Holy, tidy refrigerator top, Batman!

Shan said...

Yeah, isn't that something? I had to stand on a chair for some reason the other day, and immediately exclaimed "Cripes, that is disgusting. I need some hot soapy water, stat."

uberstrickenfrau said...

I distinctly heard a 'Hubba Hubba' coming from the potato bag....worrisome.

Shan said...

Well, USFrau, though I say it myself:

anyone with eyes can see I'm a hottie.