Friday, April 27, 2007

Vegetarians Beware.

My brother turns 35 today. I would like to do a blog tribute to him, but I'm afraid Gwen is a tough act to follow. So, Mark, I'll just say an affectionate "Many Happy Returns of Your Birthday With Love from Shuber", and show you my idea of your perfect B-day celebration.

Actually, now that I see it (in the flesh, so to speak), I realize that it could in fact be an artist's conception of your actual self.

Get it?

In knitting news, I finished the first Ogee sleeve the night before last, at one in the morning. I was tempted to cast on for the next one Right! That! Second! but decided I should opt for sleep instead...once again life gets in the way of knitting.

But last night I cast on the second sleeve, and am halfway through the ogee chart at the wrist. If I can keep my (half-hearted) momentum up, I should be done the whole sweater by the end of May. Ordinarily I would expect its completion sooner, but I have started a new pair of geisha socks for a flip-flop-wearing friend, and would like to finish those before the tunic.

I walked to Knit Night this week, and saw some pretty things while moseying.

I do love driftwood.

And lighthouses.

Go Canucks!

And AT Knit Night, Karen had this beauty on display:

It's "Better Than A Hundred Hands"!! It's an "Improved Money Maker"!! You could make a whole dollar and a half for every dozen pairs of socks you cranked out of this beauty, according to the attractive brochure (dated 1920). Karen picked it up at AAA Salvage years ago, and is now ready to clean it, oil it, and give it a whirl. Hopefully she'll post all about it, on our group's fledgling blog.

Now, I've got some busyness to do -- Mr HSBoots is on his way home, and when he gets here I should at least look like I've been productive today (and knitting doesn't count). Wish me luck.


Kate said...

Gorgeous photos.
And happy birthday to Shan's brother, who, I gather, is quite the ham.

Kate said...

But most important of course -- you finished a sleeve!!!! Yay you!!!

Gwen said...

Happy Birthday to Mark!!! It's a very great day today! Lovely photos.

lizbon said...

Nice pics, and that roast looks great, even to a vegetarian...

Shan said...

Not bad, Kate, though I was going for Beefcake.

har har.

Christy said...

B-e-a-u tiful flag!! Wherever did you get it?

Shan said...

Sadly that flag is on someone else's house, so I can't answer your question, Christy. I would have thought you could get it on, or, but neither of those have it. Too bad - I wouldn't mind one myself.

Kate said...

D'oh! Beefcake, of course, now that I look closely at the meat I see the raw hunk of beef :)

clumsy ox said...

That was sweet. I was pleasantly surprised by the kind things both you and G posted.

And, I had an awesome birthday.