Friday, April 20, 2007

A Lot Can Happen in 50km

So here it is: our Fun Day in pictures. Captions are below the photos, not above them (in case the spacing goes all random again).

First, a dress I was dying to buy. Unfortunately, it fit none of us.

Do you recall things like this being in toy stores? Because I don't.

"Oh Mummy, thank you for buying me a nice pasta lunch."

That's Better.

The Gelato Counter. Scene of my humiliation.

The Gelato Customers. That's Caramelatte on the left, and Raspberry Cassis on the right. In the foreground you see Mango.


On the way home, I took the scenic route. These pictures are of things that all made me feel better, while brooding about my paucity of glamour and surfeit of children.

Clumsy, Bletherer: these are for you. ('Though it wasn't a Sunday morning.)


What my lovely Nanny used to call 'Happy Cows'.

Study: Barn with Cumulonimbus.

Sounds like fun.

Dear Sir-Who-Drives-This-Vehicle: You should not tickle your female passenger so persistently. Even I can tell she is getting annoyed - it was probably kind of titillating at first, but now it is just pissing her off. Plus, all that distraction might cause you to crash your car. Signed, the Lady Behind You Who Took Most of These Pictures Without Even Slowing Down.

And now these following are kind of special pictures. When I was a kid growing up here, the most annoying part of this particular route was the tendency of other drivers (particularly tourists) to allow their attention to wander severely while navigating this stretch of road, causing a drastic reduction in speed, and a dangerous meandering. I never got why they were quite so enamoured of the view. But then I matured, and now I have a proper appreciation for it.

To my right

To my left. (That darkish promontory there at centre left is Quadra Island - home of Fun Knits.)

At centre, some people who obviously have their priorities straight.


Kate said...

We do live in paradise. I was those people on the beach yesterday, with running dog and wild child. And it felt so right.
Glad the drive made you feel better. And besides, you have those beauties with you. All is right with the world.

Gwen said...

Lovely pictures. Let's scrap your trip up here, and meet in Merville for Mr. Completely.

Sue H said...

How beautiful that area is, you are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful part of God's lovely earth.

clumsy ox said...

Wow! That made me homesick.

Shan said...

Yes, it's gorgeous here. And it's not even summer yet...

Clumsy, I was so happy to see those three Seaspan barges near Mitlenatch Island - I snapped that picture knowing you'd recognize them right away.

Gwen, great idea. We can drive by the ghost of the Stardust theatre afterwards just for spooks.

lizbon said...

1. Beautiful girls.
2. Weird toy.
3. Gorgeous scenery, especially the whole mtns + water action.
4. Love the word "promontory."

lizbon said...

PS. I love the telephone pole's fluffy hat.