Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Omi Yoga Belly Socks

As you might recall, it's cold. I went to belly dance tonight, in a huge chilly studio, and as we were shimmying away, we looked totally foxy except for one thing -- our stiff, blue toes.

Here I come to save the day! I have decided to take a break from St Brigid and knit some of these for my teacher, my friend/classmate, and myself. I've got eight balls of wool/nylon fingering weight begging to be knit up, plus another 6 or so skeins of handpainted merino (not to be used for workout socks, that). I figure I can whip up a pair of these in pretty much no time, so I'll start tonight and hopefully have them done by next week to present to my instructor.

Speaking of St Brigid, she is coming along nicely. I have done about twelve inches on her - I've got about another six left before I divide for the armholes. This is going to be One Big Sweater. Yesterday I was trucking along, rather cockily cabling without more than an occasional glance at the charts, and I messed up one section. I accidentally knitted Chart C, then Chart D, then Chart C again instead of Chart E. Unfortunately, when I saw the mistake I immediately threaded a DPN through the offending section and ripped it back, without thinking of taking a picture. So all I've got for you is this:

This is Chart E, error already ripped out. I used 4.25mm DPNs, which work like a charm for fixing a section of knitting without frogging back to it. It is so easy to just ladder the stitches down and reknit the section, one row at a time.

Here I am, reknitting Chart E with the dangling strands of yarn from the section of dropped stitches.

It hardly takes any time at all. I almost hope I make another mistake so I can do it again, it was so fun. Takes all the agonizing suspense out of knitting such a big project when you know the fix is so easy.

* * *

Tomorrow, a bit of discussion about my stash. They tell me the first step is admitting you have a problem.


karen said...

Great to see you today with your littlest helper in tow... very sweet!! Ah the ripping back of complicated work - yes you are right - it is all so manageable - you can actually make a mistake - and "no big deal" -I hear that we are in for another big dump of snow - so it may affect our abilities to get together tomorrow nite - and of course to see the latest growing version of St. Brigit - alas it is just mere days to December and the real countdown to Christmas... hope that we can still manage - i'll be in touch all around tomorrow.
have a good nite,

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely. It's meant to warm up here tomorrow - apparently it will jump from -27 up to -1. Hola!

St Brigid is looking lovely.