Monday, November 27, 2006

Frolic and Play, the Inuit Way

Or, as Diana Krall says, "...frolic and play the Canadian way..."

We had a great time in the snow yesterday. I am a bit busy today, so am cheaping out by putting up a picture-heavy post. But it's so pretty, I'm sure you'll enjoy it anyway.

We built a snow fort for the kids, and Mr. HSBoots even carved out a tunnel.

(Can you see the tunnel?) Charlotte and I had a snowball fight

but eventually had to declare a cease-fire for a bit of a rest.

My intrepid Emily was up to her thighs in the drifts

so by the time she got back in she was totally exhausted.

We took a walk around the neighbourhood, which has never looked better.

And tonight maybe I'll borrow a neighbour's toboggan and take them around again. It's very cold - about -11 celsius with the wind chill...apparently we can expect down to -18 in the next few days. I don't know how long the snow will last, but eventually it'll warm up and all this will be a memory.

Charlotte has just asked to go out for another snowball fight, so maybe we'll get the boots on and head out. We haven't been out yet today - too cold. But we bought new felt-pak boots for Charlotte yesterday, so I think they can take it.

Tomorrow, an "oops" and a 5-row fix on St Brigid.

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty, indeed. I hadn't realized it was THAT cold there! It's nice that Charlotte is old enough to remember this, isn't it?

Looking SO forward to seeing you soon! Have a gigantic bottle of Captain Morgan's waiting, though the odds of it making it another two weeks are slim...
love Gwen