Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Pingin' and Pongin'

Milos, serving up a paella of punishment.

The trip was amazing. SO great! I went to Fluevog and came away very happy, clutching a large box. Mr HSBoots went to a tennis store and came away mildly happy, clutching a smaller box. We both went to the Davis Cup and came away EXTREMELY happy, having seen one of those satisfying moments in sports, wherein the underdog grabs the overdog, lifts him high over his head, and body-slams him down onto the field (in this case, court).

Have you heard? ("Do you care?" would maybe be a better question.) Canada trounced Spain in the Davis Cup of tennis. TENNIS. To put it in perspective for you, picture Spain trouncing Canada in hockey.

One of the funniest, and saddest, things I've ever seen was the Spanish team, who were hanging over the boards of the court, staring in disbelief as their guy, ranked 34th in the world, got spanked - hard - by our guy, 151st in the world. They looked so sad...I wished they'd perk up and at least TRY to help their teammate with better body language: they were projecting defeat, big time. The guy in the seat next to me remarked, hilariously, "Maybe they're jet-lagged. They need a siesta." Here they are:
"Theeess sucks."

I couldn't even get a picture of our man Frank Dansevic - he wouldn't stop moving. He was so aggressive, his energy was so high - it made you feel full-blooded just watching him play. I wanted to bounce up and down on the soles of my feet, swinging a racquet.

At one point, the Spanish player (Granollers) deflated. I think this was the moment when the truth sank in...that the Canadian was not "getting lucky points". In fact, our Frank was having the game of his life and he, Granollers, was thoroughly outplayed.

He walked over to his coach and this happened:

"I don't wanna play anymore."

which I have to say was a pitiable moment (I did sincerely pity the poor man, who had come to Vancouver certain of victory) but was also a hilarious one. It was the kind of photo that I'd have tweeted, if I was a tweeting type.

Video highlights...I'm smug to see the BIG media didn't work the towel shot in! I should have sent it to them.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you all week-end as the CBC was giving Davis Cup updates. What an amazing experience to have been there to see history made!!


Annalea said...

Wow. I played tennis in high school just long enough to really appreciate good tennis . . . and that must've been one blistering hot game. I'd have loved to see it!

And really, 151st in the world is pretty. darn. amazing. 151 out of what? Five hundred thousand? lol Put in that perspective, there really wasn't much of a gap between him and the Spaniard.

Which reminds me of my son's recent Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby. There was less than an tenth of a second between the three fastest times (fancy-schmancy computerized finish gate), and only a matter of three seconds between first and last. Sometimes the concept of "placing", (or in the tennis world, rankings) can really throw you for a loop. I'd love to compare the stats for Dansevic and Granollers. Odds are there's not all that much difference between their two records . . . but the fact that there were 117 places between them probably gave the Granollers a false sense of superiority.

And I LOVE those boots! I really need some boots . . . I wonder if those would hold up in this exceedingly wet, slushy, snowy winter? Hmmmm . . .