Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One's sorrow two's mirth

Three odd things have lately happened to me.

I was standing by the open slider door to the back yard, when a finch flew directly at me, hovered in the air right in front of my chest for a moment, then darted past me into the house. It perched on the top cuff of my (unoccupied) boot, pooped inside it, and flew back out again.

I was washing dishes. A bird flew in through the open window, alighted on the rim of the dining room chandelier, then flew back out again.

I was sitting in the living room five minutes ago, drinking cabernet and thinking about life, when two finches flew toward the back window. One bonked against the glass and fluttered dizzily away, while the other hit the open half, came straight inside, landed on the floor, hopped about for a second, and flew back out again.

So if a bird in the house means a death is coming, and trouble comes in threes, I am in big kaka right now.


Gwen said...

I really like that you sit in your living room at 3:40 in the afternoon, drinking cabernet and thinking about life.

kate said...

I have to say, although I am not a superstitious person by nature, your three birds made even me think Yikes.

The house we lived in on Weirs Beach had a rock wall inside and birds often would fly in and perch on the rocks.

Birds are weird.

freedomnan said...

Seems to me that drinking cabernet and thinking about life should not move to anticipating death.

Dave Hingsburger said...

no no pretty lady, bird poop in boot have simple meaning in old country. 'shit on it' take the day off. Bird only mean death if it's carrying a wee uzi under wing.

Beth said...

If I were 12 I'd think the owl post was messing up and you might be starting at a new school soon. Really, I think it might be that even though I am 31.

freedomnan said...

Beth, that is WONDERFUL! I should have realized that is what it is! You are so right! Great adventures coming up, Shan! Escape is on its way!

Jeannette said...

To me, this says that your house has a good feeling about it.
You're doing something right, maybe many somethings, and the birds are a blessing, not an omen.

Ames said...

Yes, maybe you are like Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and all the little critters are attracted to your pure and innocent nature.

But, most likely, you're hooped.

lizbon said...

It seems to me that a bird flying in would be a good omen, not a bad one.

Annalea said...

@Gwen: Ditto.

@Dave: lololol

@Beth: Heheh. I like that one. :o)

In all reality, though, I think the birds are mostly confused . . . the weather is cold early here, and kind of strange. It's also that time of year when fledgelings are starting to become more independent, and many of them don't yet have a proper fear of human kind. (While there are plenty of us who wish them no harm, there are still the rest of the human race out there who either don't care, or actively do.)

We've been watching a large hatching of song sparrows (from the finch family . . . they're the ones you most often see in parking lots), and they're just starting to look like adults now, and not beg to be fed.

Enjoy the adventure . . . :o)