Sunday, September 19, 2010

We're doin' this again!

A sure sign of advancing age is when annual milestones seem to arrive ever more quickly. It's as though significant dates are queued up on your front steps, down the walk, and out onto the street, where they impede the progress of passersby.

It's fall, so that means blog awards. I've been nominated in a few categories of the Canadian Weblog Awards - thank you, phantom nominator! - which are being competed a little differently this year. The winning blogs will be judged by a panel, rather than being awarded based on number of votes. I'm entirely content with this approach, and in fact am enormously pleased just to have been nominated.

Half Soled Boots has been named in three categories - Best Written, Best Family and Parenting, and Best Crafting. Once someone notices that the knitting content has dropped off sharply, I'm sure the last nomination will be moot.

In any event, we'll watch for the shortlist (December 1) and will keep you updated as to whether or not HSB advances. Any good wishes gratefully accepted.

(Now that I have been nominated for a "Best Written" award, I feel like I can use sentence fragments with impunity. I've read "The Shipping News": I know fragments are de rigueur.)


Rona said...

Hmm advancing age.. I thought your were reffering to another fast approching milestone ;)

Congratulations on the nomination! I always enjoy reading you and will often learn a new word or two when doing so. Looking forward to hearing about the Dec 1st short list :)

freedomnan said...

Please no fragments! Please, please, please! Fragments make my brain hurt. I could not get through Shipping News; I felt that I was being jerked through the paragraphs.

Jadekitty said...


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Dave Hingsburger said...

Well deserved no doubt. For your further interest, this year there are two different and very distinct Canadian Blog Awards. This one is determined by a panel and the other one, where you've been nominated before, by popular vote. To access it simply google canadian blog awards and you'll find it. I believe nominations open soon or may now be open. This is the Canadian Weblog Awards. In any event ... you deserve your nominations. Are you working on an acceptance speech?

lizbon said...

a) Darling, you can always use sentence fragments with impunity. Why? Because I say so.
b) Congrats. Esp. on the best-written part.

karen said...

Wow! CONGRATS! Writing is in your blood girl - hope that you win.
Get busy on your acceptance blog!