Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

No, the unnaturally white teeth weird me out too. I'm just so used to actors having them, anything normal looks downright amber.

Speaking of white teeth, DO watch the vid, it's less than five minutes long...I'm so glad YouTube had this or I would have had to buy the DVDs just to see it again.


kate said...

I'm thinking where did my comment go? It was here earlier today, and now poof, it's gone.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Neither you Uncle or I ever got this show, we tried an episode or two and found it really unfunny and at times desperately sad as they strained so hard for humour. But then we never got Sienfeld either.

Gwen said...

Where did the comments go?

Shan said...

I found a typo in the original post and blithely went in and changed it - lost the vid from YouTube. I went to Youtube to repost it, and just deleted the original post...with the comments. Sorry. Let me make amends.

Kate said:
I love Phoebe.

Ah, the '90's!

Jenny said:
I thought of that episode when I read your post...thanks for sharing!

lizbon said:
That date is what Boywich is pleased to call a "toe curler."

Gwen said:
I could NOT stop laughing. (This is what happens when a girl doesn't have cable.)