Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Messy M-F

For Stephanie:

Told ya.


Kristine said...

You just made my day.

Thank you so much. :)

Shan said...

If you lived near here you could drop by at any time just to glance through the front door and feel better.

I should offer a service - advertise in the paper, make a bit of spending money.

Stephanie said...

Love it! Today wasn't a great example but I know I can compete with you. I'm gonna take a picture before I tidy up next time. I think you'll be impressed.

PS It was good to see you...I feel like I'm getting to know you all over again.

OK, that sounded strange.

lizbon said...

Mmmmm. Cluttery. Me like.

Gwen said...

gah! That gave me a turn.

Gwen said...

^ ^ ^
The Let's Take This Children's Story and Draw the Protagonist Like a Porn Star puzzle, I mean. The mess was a bit comforting.

Shan said...

Stephanie it was good to see you again too. I look forward to next time, very much, and I don't think it sounded strange.

Gwen, I used to like Ariel until I watched The Little Mermaid with a few older men once, and they were all very lustful about her 'seashells', they kept calling them. It's never been the same for me since.

kate said...

You have puzzle pieces I have lego pieces. Same effect, although perhaps more painful on the feet.