Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Decisions

In Tuesday's comments, Uncle Dave asked me whether I would consider knitting something for Ruby for the occasion of her second birthday. I happily accepted, and we thought it might be fun to get your input on a suitable project.

I was going to wait until next week to post, but since I'm going to be away for several days beginning tomorrow, this will give you more time to weigh in.

There are many things I'd like to knit for a small girl, and of course the internet is filthy with ideas, so here are some things to start us off.

Firstly, two designs from Knitty. Reid is a lace-patterned cardigan with a crocheted edge: quite cute I think:

and Boo is absolutely fun and completely gorgeous - I think in real life it would be a WOW piece:

I also quite like the Pinwheel Sweater from Shelley Mackie, winner of the Elann design contest a couple of years ago:

There is Drifting, a beautiful stranded pullover from Inspired Fair Isle Knits:

and lastly, representing texture and quality, Secret Garden from Jade Starmore.

Some stats for your interest...

1. Reid - knit in Patons Grace 100% mercerised cotton, yarn cost approximately $25

2. Boo - knit in Noro Silk Garden 45% silk 45% mohair, 10% wool, yarn cost approximately $70

3. Pinwheel - knit in Elann's Peruvian Highland 100% wool, yarn cost unknown as pattern temporarily unavailable, while does maintenance...I would guess at about $45

4. Drifting - knit in DK weight superwash wool, yarn cost approximately $50

5.Secret Garden - knit in Alice Starmore Hebridean 3-ply 100% wool, yarn cost approximately $70

So - a little poll for your asses? (Thank you Bethro)


Anna said...

Ooh, Boo! I don't know the personality of this 2 year old, but that sweater screams "Why?" And "No!" And "Look at the . . ."

Dave Hingsburger said...

Ruby is an active and full of adventure ... she is a laugher with a really pleasant personality.

Anonymous said...

Loving the pinwheel design...Look at those funky cuffs. Love them. And I like that whole swing style...maybe not great for practicality but this style will look so cute on a little two year old! Just think of the button design possibilities! Eeek! Maybe I should learn how to knit!

Stace' said...

Hey Shan,
Guess what?!

My birthday is in January...

rickismom said...

I like #1 as pettiest, but if she is an active kid, #2 is also very very nice and would wear longer

Susan said...

I am the mother of nine and grandmother of ten. Some of my grandchildren are now wearing the fair isle sweaters that were orininally knitted by their great grandmother for thier parents/aunts/uncles. I HAD to vote for Drifter because she will wear it EVERYWHERE. She can play, and sleepa and get dirty and climb trees and still have tea parties in a sweater like that.

Dave mention practicality, but I love the look of that one, too!

Kei said...

I voted for Boo, but was really torn between that and Reid. Boo ultimately got my vote because of the vibrant colors.
Decisions, decisions... no wonder Dave wanted his blog readers' help!

clumsy ox said...

I had to vote for Drifting. Fair Isle sweaters are just the best.

My second choice would be the Secret Garden.

Not that you posted any bad ideas. And frankly, I'm confident you'll do a great job of any of these.

Ames said...

I love Reid the best, but Drifting is a close second.

It looks as if a little girl could get lost or entangled in Secret Garden, depending on the fit, of course.

Bethrp said...

I wanted to pick them all. Especially the ones with kids. Knitting patterns with pictures of wee ones should be illegal, as they cause you to start knitting from cuteness, and only after the 100th cast on stitch do you remember you don't have a two year old.

I will tell the long-suffering, much-publicized Phil you have embraced his terminology with gusto.

Jo said...

I vote for Reid - pretty and functinal. Don't do the Pinwheel - I am still working on Willow's from last year! An easy knit, yes, but it takes bloody forever.

Gwen said...

1. Boo (because I imagine she'd wear in day in and day out)
2. Drifting (because it's Fair Isle, and so versatile.)(should be "versatisle")
3. Reid (because there's always a need for a pretty sweater to wear out to nice places)

I like the idea of Secret Garden, but as a mother I just can't see it actually working. I bet they took it off the kid right after that photo shoot. Very pretty, though.

kate said...

I am all about Reid, although in a different colour. Love lace!! And cotton is so well-wearing.

But the pinwheel comes a close second for me.

lizbon said...

I like Reid and Pinwheel. I also feel that anything more expensive for a little girl is - well - too expensive.

Rachel said...

I think Reid it too cute. But Dave describing Ruby as active and full of adventure, I think I'd lean toward the pinwheel design. It's such a cool sweater and doesn't break the bank on something that she won't be able to wear for years and years.

Belinda said...

I voted Drifter and then found that my friend Susan did too! Way to go Susan! High five!

It was a difficult choice though, because they are all so beautiful in their own way.

I mulled the choice over long and hard, and for much the same reason as Susan (that sweater will be worn and loved for a very long time), I chose as I did.

Alison said...

I would *not* use silk garden for a child's sweater. Easy care it ain't. I adore Boo - don't get me wrong - but I think it would be cheaper to encourage her to blow her nose on dollar bills. And more enduring, too.

I adore Reid. Especially if it would fit her personality.

Stephanie said...

As someone who has very limited knitting skills, I am just totally amazed that any of those beautiful items can be created with your own two hands--wow! I love love love Boo. It is really pricey but could be passed on within the family for years.

Stephanie said... that I've admitted my serious lack of knitting skill and knowledge can I still read your blog?

Anonymous said...

This is Rubys Daddy
thank you all for your votes.
These are very impressive sweaters
though i have voted on my favriot Ruby will be lucky to wear any.
Keep in mind there will be other kids out there that will need to fend off mama winter and these cold fighting apperatice's would be great for that and there easy on the eye's.

Thasnks again from RUBY, DAD (michael) and MOM (marissa)

Shan said...

Michael, thanks for your comment! Your little girl looks like a real sweetheart and it will be a pleasure to make her something nice.

Beth said...

I voted for the first based on yarn cost, because I was torn between the first two. They're both darling and I think equally practical, really.