Thursday, May 15, 2008

Such a comfort - does this mean I'm materialistic?

After crossing my lawn this morning, the postie knocked on my door, instead of just slamming my mailbox shut and striding off. I answered and he, wordlessly, handed me this:

I was not expecting anything, but when I peered at the customs declaration and saw this

I ran for the scissors.
I opened the box and saw all this:

including this.

Lantern Moon needle case

I actually had to sit down - I was breathless and dizzy...I burst into hysterical laughter, clasping the lovely, beautiful purple yarn to my breast. My daughter thought I had gone off the deep end.

Natalie, this is the THIRD time you have surprised me with a lovely gift. And you have the most amazing timing, too - last year I was crushed with anxiety when your first package arrived, and gave me such a lift. You made my entire month. Then, I spent all of last night in tears over a personal situation that I can't seem to resolve. This morning, as I sat with a heavy heart and chilly hands wrapped around a cup of tea, the postie brought your present.

I can't thank you enough for your generosity. You are the salt of the earth. I would like to repay your kindness, but I must think of something that is worthy of you.

Thank you Natalie.


Annalea said...

What a wonderful friend, and a beautiful gift . . . such a blessing! I hope you feel better soon, Shan . . .

Tabatha said...

Oh aren't good friends so wonderful!!
I am so happy for you.

Jo said...

What a fantastic package!

mel said...

Incredible, isn't it, how some good friends appear to be psychic in some ways?

Best to you Shannon - I hope that you're able to resolve whatever it is that you're working through.

Kristine said...

Hooray for Natalie! Hooray for Shannon! Hooray for friendship and the physical representations thereof.

I hope things get better for you; perhaps the purple gorgeousness can help.

Dave Hingsburger said...

To answer your question, nah, it doesn't mean you are materialistic. It simply means you like to be taken by surprise. What they don't tell you when growing up is that life is hard. It's moments of unexpected joy that draw us forward. (Stuff is cool to though)

Gwen said...

Poor little nederbee. Enjoy your yarn.

Stace' said...

Dear Nat,
Want my address??