Friday, May 02, 2008


This week was Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day.

I was briefly - and gently - explaining the Shoah (as far as such a thing is possible) to my six-year-old daughter. There was a pause and I could see she was trying to understand. After a moment she said in a sad voice, "I'm so sorry that happened."

And so am I.

Thank you Heatherly, for reminding me of the day.


Stace' said...

Your daughter gets it.

What she said, is exactly what most victims of abuse want to hear. A simple "I'm sorry that happened to you".

It is amazing how intuitive these children are. The world has an awful way of numbing much of that and jagging up those smooth edges.

Here's to great mothering Shan!

Kristine said...

Seconding stace'; that's really pretty amazingly beautiful.

Heatherly said...

mom found this great book for explaining it to kids

another of the things i wish my children didnt have to learn about, and how to spell "genocide"...