Monday, May 05, 2008

And Something from Ovid Here.

The weekend was packed with energy and action - lots of things happened. Some of them I'll get to another time, but can I draw your attention to my very impressive, brand-new, raised vegetable bed?

The reason it's impressive is, I made it yesterday with all recycled materials. I went into the gloom of the shed and dragged things around, unearthing clay pots and pressure-treated beams that have lain forgotten for years before we even moved in. They provided excellent habitat for enormous spiders and wintering bumblebees, but it was time they were used for a greater purpose.

It's a small beginning. When we moved in here a few years ago, I tried to grow vegetables. I failed spectacularly, harvesting a miserable, terrified collection of anemic spinach and pale, stunted carrots.

I think it was the soil.

So this year, I started from the very bottom. I cut down and removed three inches of sod, laid a black weed barrier, boarded off the (small) area, and am going to fill it with a mixture of compost, some of the soil from the original garden, and Sea Soil. I do have to buy the compost, but it won't take much to fill this 2 meter by 1 meter bed.

I am not much of a vegetable grower, being more interested in perennials and flowers of all description. But veg gardens are the way of the future as well as the past, because as gas prices go, so go food prices.

By the way, we are at $1.26 per liter now ($5.04/gallon). I admit I gloat a little bit, as smugly triumphant as only a busser and a walker and a rider can be, when I hear people grumbling about how much it costs to fill up their Escalade. I am quite keen to see what happens this summer when it reaches the predicted $1.50 per liter and hits these complacent consumers right in the wallet.

Look what else happened this weekend.



Some small person at the BC Children's Cancer Ward is in serious luck (for a change).


Ames said...

Way to go, Charlotte and Emily. I think the three of us will start a "We-Donated-Our-Locks Club."

Shan, Ox says to plant lots of hot pepper plants amongst your flowers (and vegetables). Perhaps that will deter the deer.

Shan said... know, that's not a bad idea. I wonder if we have enough sun here?

kate said...

Oh the girls are so gorgeous!!

Um, Shan? Who's going to eat the veggies?


But as the self-appointed queen of the veggie boxes I say Yay to every new garden built!!

Kristine said...

Gorgeous girls, gorgeous garden-to-be, and glad to see that I'm not the only gloater when it comes to gas prices. I'm taking the bus back and forth to work every day, and my father doesn't understand why...silly man.

Shan said...

Kate, I find you cheeky.

kate said...

I thought you might ;-)

stitchin' girl said...

I can't wait to see your completed vege garden! We love to garden over here. The girls are very generous with their hair - I must talk to my oldest soon.....she has grown quite attached to her hair. I too try to walk or ride most of the time - Here where I am the cost is "only" a little over $4 per gallon. YIKES!

lizbon said...

Love the haircuts. And I'll those veggies if the girls won't.

Heatherly said...

my 6 yr old has a new sporty hair cut about the same lenth. it is soo much easier, but i miss braiding her hair

Dave Hingsburger said...

We had dreams of a garden when we moved in here, the house has a lot of land. We tell people that neither of us has a green thumb ... it's better than saying that with Joe's knees and my - everything ... the ground was just to freaking far away.

Stace' said...

CHECK you out!!! I am so impressed. All recycled materials. Looks great!! If you lived closer, I would bring you a box full of herb cuttings.

I look forward to coming pics of your garden.

Make sure you take time to watch your garden grow. It's amazing what a balm that is to the soul.

Tabatha said...

You live so intentionally Shan. I admire that. The girlies look great and very sweet.

Kimmer said...

You should try a worm compost. The girls would love it! It's really easy...just dump your scraps in a tote with some red wiggler worm. It'd be great for the garden too.

mel said...

Yeah for veggies!!! And, I adore your girls, and you for raising them to be compassionate human beings. Please give them a big squeeze for me - what a wonderful thing to do.