Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Just Reward.

Look what arrived yesterday!

My Sockpal came through big time with these waving lace socks (I think from Interweave?) in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, colourway "Cedar". They are gorgeous, and a great fit.

Thank you Vicky (not a blogger) for your hard work on these socks. And thank you for all the treats - I'm glad you work for Cadbury!



Kate said...

Oh wow! They are gorgeous, and so nice and long even!
Lucky you, after all your hard work. Well earned. And works for Cadbury you say? We need to know this knitter!!

lizbon said...

Oh my heavens, those are beautiful enough to wring an antiquated exclamation from me. Really lovely, and what a cool job she has, too. Though I suppose after about a thousand days of eating, breathing, and -er- typing chocolate one might start to yearn for vanilla. Maybe.

Jo said...

You have a pal who works for Cadbury?!?! I am sooooo jealous! Great socks!

uberstrickenfrau said...

Nice pattern! And It looks like a sage color on my computer, and so long! I always putter out in doing long socks, they end up being pretty short. Thanks for the encouragement on my blog, Gracias.

Tabatha said...

Look at all the chocolate!
Those are very pretty socks and I love that she wrapped them with a little red ribbon.

Sue H said...

Fabulous socks, and what a great haul. Lucky, lucky you to have a pal who works for Cadbury.

Karen S said...

They are really lovely, I can understand why you love them.

By the way, it's not because of neglect I haven't written about the socks you've sent... it's because the post compagny apparantly have taken them hostage... I haven't seen them yet, but I'm still hoping. They are sooooo beautiful, that I'm having a hard time while I wait.

Karen S