Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'll think about that while I do some crunches.

Last week at knit night I rode over to Kate's, as usual, but misjudged the amount of daylight left and ended up having to leave the bike there and get a ride home. It took me five days to get around to it, but today I ran over to her place, got the bike, and rode home. (In case you feel like patting me on my sweaty back, the walk warm-up was 10 minutes, the run was about 20 minutes AND NO I DID NOT STOP, and the ride was 10 or 15.) *

I've been doing this a lot lately (riding, running, whatever). I realized with a vague kind of jolt, a few months ago, that I'm not getting any younger. This shocking revelation prompted a long hard look at my fitness level and led to an uncomfortable truth: "later" doesn't ever get here...the only choice I have is Now, or Not.

After two years of belly dancing I can confidently say my fitness level has improved, but at the age of 33 I really should be doing more and harder exercise. The belly dance is great for internal fitness, a bit of sculpting, and skeletal muscle health, but it falls down in some areas...especially bone density.

Blah blah blah weight loss, blah blah blah heart disease, blah blah blah diabetes, blah blah blah osteoporosis, blah.

On the other hand: logically, my heart only has so many beats in it, right? And should I really be using up my allotted beats this quickly, or should I conserve them for my old age?

* Edit: Mapquest tells me it was 2.2 miles. TWO POINT TWO MILES PEOPLE. How embarrassed am I that it took me that long to run 2.2 miles? However, how proud am I that I ran 2.2 miles without stopping?


Ames said...

Would it make you feel better if I told you how long it would take me to run 2.2. miles?

Kate said...

I'm not sure I could run 2.2 miles without stopping anymore, Shan, so you've got me beat. And to think I used to be a runner...
I hear you on the fitness thing. I was going to the gym before I got sick a couple of years ago, and then let it slide. for me it's not the weight so much as the softening body. It is time.

Jo said...

I'm with Kate - and I know I couldn't jog 2.2 miles without stopping. I'll be 35 this year and I think about this more and more myself. Congrats on getting off your duff ;)

amanda said...

good for you. i have started back up at the gym recently, too. we ain't gettin younger!