Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hearts of Stone. (Well, arteries anyway.)

Thank you, Nigella, for being your fabulous and inimitable self. For you have given me Lunch, in all its melting crispy glory.

This is from Nigella Bites - Nigella's rendition of Elvis Presley's renowned Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. I had it with my favourite comfort drink, Ovaltine, but I felt like I really should be washing it down with vodka and valium.

It's just a grilled cheese sandwich, except instead of the cheese you put in peanut butter and a mashed up banana. And if you are a whole wheat girl regularly, you have to use white for this. Don't fight it - don't fight the white.


clumsy ox said...

That's pants. Don't mash up the bananas... it ruins the texture.

Shan said...

Well, not smooth, but I do like my bananas broken down a little...just kind of lightly macerated, you know? Although there is definitely an argument for banana discs - much more structural integrity.

clumsy ox said...

There's this famous greasy dive here in Charlotte that serves a fabulous grilled pbb: the Penguin. They actually cut the banana at an angle, like carrots in asian food. It's the perfect compromise.

And pbb is best with a coffee and some hushpuppies... Mmmmm.

That place does a great deep-fried porkchop sandwich too. Fabulous.

lizbon said...

Heh. When I was a wee lass (i.e., teenager) who hadn't quite extrapolated that one day I will have a heart attack and should put it off as long as possible, I used to enjoy grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which looked very similar, except that instead of the goopy banana, they had gobs of goopy grape jelly squooshing out. Yum.

(I still eat 'em, by the way; I just don't fry 'em in butter anymore)

lizbon said...

PS. Not that you (or anyone else) shouldn't fry 'em in butter.

uberstrickenfrau said...

My teen also makes that fried PB&J ! Must be adolescence thing. So you saw that on a cooking show? Makes you wonder what the next 'new thing' they will introduce, Maybe mac and cheese? or go full throttle and show you how to make tunafish on rye.

Tabatha said...

That sandwich looks sooo yummy.

I love Nigella. I made her coca cola cake for Jeremiah one year for his birthday. It was pretty good.

Shan said...

I can't believe all you people know about this. When I saw it in the book it was completely new to me.

I guess, being Elvis, it must be an American thing.

The Coca Cola cake I'd love to try, also her ham in Cherry Coke.

Ames said...

My comment disappeared into thin, cyber air.????

Let's try this again.

USF, funny.

Shan, does Nigella also have a venison recipe? Let's see, how about, a deep-fried venison and marshmallow sandwich?

amanda said...

Oh my. I love peanut butter anything, and this looks like heaven!