Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pulsatilla C30, How I Love Thee

It turns out I was mistaken about my two-year-old being convalescent - she actually got worse over the day or two following my last post. Here's what she looked like yesterday morning:

Note the cracked, bleeding lips (from mouth-breathing all night long); the swollen nose and face (sinuses were absolutely plugged); the hopeless, apathetic expression.

And, continuing the theme of home remedies not involving drugs, note the open Tupperware of chopped onion beside her. That's right, folks: chopped onion - nature's decongestant. It brings the mucous Right. Out. So, have a Kleenex box handy. Obviously, the stronger the onion, the more effective this is... I imagine a red onion would result in a veritable Snot Storm (Dad, pardon my language. I really couldn't think of anything more evocative.)

I am informed that, in addition to the decongestant effect, the onion also has disinfectant properties when breathed in. So if you suspect you might be starting bronchitis, pneumonia, a middle-ear or sinus infection, start chopping and breathe deeply.


Now onto something a bit more cheerful (but less useful). I am a bit worn out with all this intensive, Tylenol-and-pseudoephedrine-free sickbed attendance, so I had to get an hour last night to go to Knitting. (And, you'd better believe it: I got a cell call after exactly ONE HOUR had passed, from Mr HSBoots, desperate for my return.) It was fun as usual, but too short. I thought I'd give you a little glimpse of what everyone is up to - forgive the lack of faces: apparently I can't photograph people worth a tinker's damn.

My dear Kate, the hostess, circular shrug in progress.

The innovative, positive Karen, working on .... well, I don't know what it is, but the interesting part of this picture isn't the knitting, it's the notebook. The woman actually translates all her charts line by line, writing them out by hand. This strange and wonderful habit has resulted in many a conversation about visual thinking, linear thinking, and just plain queer thinking.

The serene and softspoken Sunmi, and a self-designed striped woollen cardy for her little girl.

The hilarious and pragmatic Dolores, cardigan in hand.

I brought the Ogee Tunic, and managed two entire rows of it (!!!!!) before getting paged. I'll spare you another picture of my barely-progressed knitting, and will entertain you instead with a glimpse of my latest venture in training up my children in the way they should go. (Emily is much improved today, thank you, as a result of a homeopathic remedy given to her yesterday on the advice of the Venerated Homeopathic Practitioner -- all hail Tony, the Wizard King, He who first prescribed the Vinegar Sock and the Onion Inhalation.)


Kate said...

So glad to hear there is improvement today. Hope you soaked up the beautious rays of sun!
You're a more patient woman than I am ... I would have resorted to Motrin (I'm an ibuprofen girl not acetomenephin) before now.

Sue H said...

Glad to hear your lovely little girl is on the mend. Sorry to hear your outing was cut short, but isn't that so typical of a, what should I do if she vomits???? Thank God for women, wives, mums etc.

amanda said...

Hope she continues to get better. Glad you squeezed in some knitting!