Tuesday, October 16, 2012

International Day of Shan - XXXIX

Holy smokes, what a great year it's been. And there are 76 days left of it! Marvellous.

I'm spending today with Julia again - it could become a tradition. Today I'm making the roast chicken with port and cream (again - because last year it was so great), sauteed potatoes, and Reine de Saba: the famous soft-centred chocolate cake. Still undecided on soup.

Go! Have something delicious! Open a bottle and raise a glass for International Day of Shan!


kate said...

Happy Day, my friend!!!!

clumsy ox said...

Happy Shan Day!

Gwen said...

Ay, caramba. I thought of stopping by Half Soled Boots yesterday, but didn't honestly believe that there'd be a new post. Boy, these blogs have gone the way of the dodo, haven't they?

Happy International Day of Shan! I drank merlot and finished the day with rum & eggnog. For dinner, I fried up some bacon, took out some extra-sharp cheddar and cream, and made the most gorgeously fat-ridden potato soup you've ever tasted. (Because you'd talked about the vichyssoise earlier, and I couldn't get it out of my head.) We had a marvy day, and I thought of you throughout! Happy birthday to you, my dearest and best!