Monday, June 18, 2012

Half Soled Boots' "Wet Woollies" Advent Calendar

Do you remember me making a hat and mitten advent calendar back in 2008? I loved it, made a second one for my sister, and wrote up a pattern.

In 2009.

Here you are then - enjoy!
Ravelry page

Some people have had a problem downloading from Here is an alternate host - please PM me on Ravelry if you still can't download it.

And here is YET ANOTHER alternate host. Google docs. Argh!

HSB Hats Mitts Advent


Dave Hingsburger said...

We DON'T live in a mossy cottage, we live in an apartment. Sheesh. Stereotyping.

Shan said...

Snort....bwa ha ha!!

Rona said...

These are great Shannon! I loved them when I saw them and wanted a set all my own... Well here's my chance! Now to do up a set before Wynn is ready to leave home ;) Thanks for taking the time to write it up and sharing freely!

Anonymous said...

Really cute, I love them, but Scribd wont let me print or download it without setting up a login. :(


Ames said...

I have looked at many handmade advent calendars. Yours is the best.

Shan said...

Sharon, I don't have your email address from your comment, but just email me privately (address is in the right sidebar) or PM me on Ravelry (username Challoner) and I'll email it to you.

Shan said...

Sorry, I'm mistaken - address isn't in the right sidebar. email me at hsbootsATyahooDOTca

Annalea said...

Dave, you're hilarious. :o) I really enjoy your comments.

And Shan, this is awesome. I think I might have to knit one of these someday, when I've got a few other small projects out of the way . . . like when I've got a kitchen sink, and a living room . . . lol