Monday, February 13, 2012

You're wonderful, and marvellous, and special.

You people are the loveliest! Thanks to you, my daughters both met their fundraising goals in ONE day! Thank you so, so much. They just couldn't believe you'd do that for them. They were so amazed and happy, they were inspired to spend this past Saturday at a local gourmet shop, owned by a friend, with pamphlets and a donation jar. Apparently my youngest daughter, 7 years old, was walking up to people, as bold as brass, and saying "Hi there! Do you know that the Newfoundland Pine Marten needs our help?" I wasn't there but I hear it was a marvel.

And, they raised another $80!

So, thank you all again for your wonderful gifts. The kids are watching the mail for their "Planet Protector" badges, all because of you.


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