Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh -- sorry 'bout that.

I sort of forgot about the internet. This was me last night, while washing dishes: "Wha--? Oh my goodness! I have a blog!" Oopsie.

I haven't talked much about Christmas this year - except to laud gift cards - but here is a little sample of Yule 2011.

My seven year old set up her doll for a nice nap. Looking at this baby's "bottle", and when I remark that my daughter considered Rescue Remedy a matter of course for her baby's nap, it becomes obvious that I had high-needs children.

I was in Kaboodles a week before Christmas, spotted these little crank-driven music boxes, and threw them in with the rest of my purchases, not realizing they were $9 each. I wouldn't have bought them if I had looked closely (I thought "8.99" said "3.99"), so I'm glad I didn't look closely...they sound so beautiful and they were right up at the top of my children's favourite presents this year. The kids have spent hours - literally, hours - lying on the floor holding these things in two hands, staring into space and spinning the cranks to listen to the songs.

Have a listen! (The "Nutcracker Suite" is the property of the younger child, and so has suffered more abuse...spinning backwards, etc...and you can hear it.)

And this was my second-favourite present of the whole year. Haflingers! I've been wanting them for two years, and Mr. HalfSoledBoots stepped up. Now that I have worn them for three weeks, I will never - no, sir, I will never ever - wear any other brand of slippers.

Lastly - because I know you were wondering - here is my favourite, most favouritest present of all...from my sister Gwen.

As to what was inside...

Who cares?


Ames said...

I had been wondering where you were.

Rescue remedy. . . Now, that is funny. That truly was, dare I say it, a laugh out loud picture. It doesn't get old. I had thoughts of doing the same to mine at times.

Slippers. . . yum.

The music boxes do sound very pretty. I think my girls would like those, too.

Gwen said...

Awesome! Remember when my A. used to sprinkle lavender essential oil on a kleenex, and tuck it under her doll's pillow?

lizbon said...

Love. Love. Love.

What, you say?

a) The beautiful music boxes, and the fact that you recorded them so we could hear them.

b) Your slippers have sheep on them. (giggle.)

c) Those packages from Gwen. Yes, who cares what was inside? Wonderful.

d) You. But you knew that already, right?

PS. Limener. That's my verification "word." You may use that as my new nickname, if you wish. It sounds like a vocation. If anybody wants me, I'll be off limening.

lizbon said...

OMG OMG! My next verification word was Whinges. I shit you not.

Dave Hingsburger said...

I've never heard of rescue remedy, my first thought was 'wow, Shannon has a picture of my Joe as a baby on her blog'. I have a small music box by my desk that plays 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' I use it all the time. The kids want it as a gift, I get hints like, 'Dave, I really, really, really, like your music box.' And I let them turn the crank, but cranky old me needs that thing. I think it might be my own personal rescue remedy! Lovely shots.