Monday, October 17, 2011

International Day of Shan

Yesterday was my birthday!! And you all missed it....I'm so sorry for you.

A good time was had by all:

(Empty bottles = a good sign.)

And lots of food. My sister gave me "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and, 8 hours after I opened it, I gave it its first grease stain and hand-written notation! Super exciting.

(The grease stain is at the top right corner of that photo.)

I am thirty-eight now! And, on that note I must add a small gripe about our society. (Of course I do.) What is this fashion for calling we older women "29" as if it's some kind of compliment? Four different people said that to me yesterday. "So!! Twenty-nine, huh?!" [wink wink]  Please, I said. 29 is a beginner...I am "skilled intermediate". Ten more years to "advanced" and then another ten to "master".


Valerie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like it was a good one.

and thanks for making me a "master"
I wouldn't want to be 29 again for anything. Life is good as it is.

kate said...

But what kind of cake did you have?!?

(Happy Birthday. I was thinking of you on the week-end, knowing your birthday was coming, and then it slipped by me.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow Libra. Wishing you a year filled with good yarn, good food and good friends!

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday! And Valerie said just what I was going to say.

Susie Hewer said...

Belated birthday wishes. Looks as if you had a good one anyway!

You are still a youngster.

Gwen said...

I am also intensely irritated at the "twenty-nine" comments. Faugh.

lizbon said...

Oh my lord, how could I have missed it? Happy Birthday, Darling!

38 is bloody young, just so you know.

If I were going to choose an age to revisit, it wouldn't be 29. And it'd have to be me with my current knowledge and -er- wisdom in that younger body. Actually going back to the 20s would SUCK.

Which I suppose, is somewhere in the neighborhood of your point.

Our (neighboring) cultures know jack-shit about reality, is my thesis. I never was more beautiful than after I'd turned 40. Period.

Mel said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! xoxo

Jo said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)

Annalea said...

Happy Birthday to one of the most respected bloggers in my reader (by me). ;o)

I'm right there with you on age . . . I'm 35 (June), and own every day of it. Someday, I hope to be really good at this grown up thing. Sometimes, I catch a feeling of wisdom and perspective, and it's a rich, nuanced feeling I relish.

I here's to 39 being the best one yet!