Monday, February 07, 2011

What ARE your staff hours?

After a morning spent cleaning bedrooms, changing the guinea pig's cage and doing laundry, the kids went to play down the hall. Walking into the kitchen, I saw a mess and called down to them, "you forgot to put your plates in the dishwasher!" I got no response. I repeated myself, louder. Finally, amused but exasperated, I shouted "DISHWASHER! DISHWASHER! DISHWASHER! DISHWASHER! DISHWASHER!" over and over. I stopped suddenly and heard a noise - a piece of paper hitting the floor while sneaking footsteps ran back down the hall. I saw a note on the kitchen floor and picked it up:

Dang. I'd speak to the manager, but.....well. That would be me.

In other news, the sun has come out today, but there is a hideous north wind chilling the very marrow in my bones, so I only had time to snap one quick shot of Rheingold:

Nine repeats. I ordered extra yarn for this, so I am going to knit until the yarn runs out...therefore I am not sure how long I've got left. But, encouraging progress nonetheless.


Lesley Sprung said...

Ha ha! Jack and Lucas found that really amusing and think they should try that one!

kate said...

Oh man. There are days I'd like to post that sign.

Reingold is looking fabulous.

And that wind is freezing.

Elizabeth said...

That's beautiful! Where did you get that green stuff that's underneath it? I seem to remember something like that from ages ago. All I have now is this white stuff.

Always winter and never Christmas.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Wonder what kidlets would do if 'mom' went out of service????

audabee_k said...