Sunday, August 01, 2010

Thank you, cows.

Here's what's making me happy today.

Butter gets a bad rap sometimes, what with all the finger-pointing about heart disease and so on, but as far as I'm concerned it's food, and margarine isn't.

So now my butter has a beautiful red house to live in, before it meets my toast.


lizbon said...

Oh how pretty! And I was, unusually, wishing I could still eat butter. (corn on cob, you see)

Ames said...

I love butter! Long live butter.

And, Le Creuset, good stuff, too.

Rona said...

What a lovely little house for your butter :)

April W said...

I love butter. I had the hardest time breaking my husband and step-daughter from margerine. I would say stuff like, "would you like some poison on your pancakes? or would you like your toast dry or with poison?" A little drastic of course, but like you said, butter is actual food, where margerine is well...something else. Also, butter satisfies your body and you ultimately end up eating less because you are sated. That is my belief anyway. Btw, love the dish.