Sunday, August 15, 2010

something and nothing

I went to see Inception last week. It was odd - a cross between Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Matrix, and Vanilla Sky. A pretty good movie, as Hollywood movies go, but sadly the last moment of the film was far, far too obvious and I saw it coming from miles away.

I'm so disappointed when that happens. I want to be totally shocked by the end of a movie, you know? I want to have NO idea. Like Memento, or Shattered. I like books like that, too - books where I can't see It coming: where the writer outsmarts me.

Speaking of books, I have some things to review. I have read a biography of Peter Elliott Trudeau, the entire repertoire of David Eddings, Atlas Shrugged, a bunch of Miss Read books, and a Martha Stewart guide to needlecraft. I feel tempted, here, to give two adjectives for each book and call them reviewed, but instead I'll write proper posts for them. Except the Eddings, because those are old friends, reread for the umpteenth time.

Nearly time for school to start, amazingly.


kate said...

I've been wondering about that movie.

Looking forward to the book reviews.

The word sun is in my verification word - they must know something. Such hot sun....

Dave Hingsburger said...

Inception ... the movie which is very long, where you can't go for a pee or you'd be lost, where you have to pay attention ... It's also a movie that I've forgotten the ending, what was it? Too, I was thrown by two things, first, Leo washes ashore in the opening scene and I said to Joe - Look he survived the Titanic. Second, they kept using Edith Piaf music - the lead actress won an academy award for portraying Piaf - every time I heard it, I was pulled out of the plot to realize the little 'joke' ... annoying. Me, I preferred Salt! Now that was kick ass.

Annalea said...

"It's hard to sleep when it's raining Thulls."

One of the best lines from literature, ever. ;o)

You know, I'm just the opposite when it comes to books/movies. Surprise endings are good sometimes, but I don't like to be shocked or surprised all the time. (Sometimes I want it to turn out the way I *want* it to turn out. ;o) These tendencies probably have something to do with the fact that my life has had plenty enough surprises and shocks to last me for quite a few decades yet, eh?