Monday, February 15, 2010

Small and Sucky

I've been procrastinating posting, but I saw a post by Juno today wherein she says she's trying to post even if it's 'small and sucky', and realised something was better than nothing.

I finished so many things in 2009, you'd be astonished. I've decided I want to make 2010 about finishing - aiming for NO unfinished objects by the end of the year. Finished, or frogged - that's my new motto.

I'm waiting for a sunny day to take a picture of Dad's vest. It's AMAZING but, I fear, one of those things that looks better in real life.

Dad's doing great, except for the weakness and of those annoying 'time' things.

I have a cold and am very crabby about this.

How much did I love the Opening Ceremonies? A LOT much. Tears of patriotic joy.

You know what I've noticed? The Canadian team is amazing. I'm not talking about their race performances, or their medal chances or fitness or whatnot - I'm talking about their grace. Whether they medal or not, they are so......non-egocentric. Here's the interview with Alexandre Bilodeau after his gold-medal mogul run. It's all about the family, and the staff, and the volunteers, and Canadians being "super supported" (which I love), and not all about "I was so ON today" or "I knew it was mine" or any of that elite-athlete arrogance you often see. (Although, aside - has anyone else noticed you get a lot more of that in the Summer Games?)

SO GLAD Mr HalfSoled finally bought a better TV last year. I'm loving the Olympics on forty-inch high-definition LCD.


Ames said...

Paging Dr. Freud.

Gwen said...

I hear you, loud and clear, on the Canadian team's grace and poise. I am SO proud to be Canadian and to be represented by these amazing people!

lizbon said...

Funnily enough, I had just been thinking how much I like winter sports in general. All the athletes look rosy cheeked and happy.

Oh, and watching his brother wave his arms around and cheer for him just made me cry. Sweet sweet sweetness, those two.

Cynthia said...

Winter Olympics is really the only time I wish I had cable tv & could watch ALL the coverage ALL the time. Instead we have a pre-digital tv and a borrowed converter box that hasn't yet been installed. Boo. I want my Olympics!

Jo said...

Ha! You guilted me into posting something on my blog...

I loved the Opening Ceremonies as well - I'm still flabbergasted by the whales.

Suelle said...

The Winter Olympics have been great, I've come to the realization I like them more myself! Thanks for the post!

kate said...

Hi-def Olympics is definitely fun!

Glad your dad is recovering well.

Rona said...

Nice to hear from you :-) I hope your blasted cold doesn't linger for to long.

Good to hear about your dads progress.

Oh yes the Olympics... oh how I enjoy thee! Every little bit of them. I wish I had more time in my day to just sit and take it all in.