Monday, November 30, 2009

Look - My Friend's on YouTube

The hoops are steel, wrapped in tape.

Bit of trivia: the studios in the video are the ones I dance in.


Gwen said...


Ames said...

You said it, Gwen.

Valerie said...

Steel hoops? How heavy are they?! I would have been impressed if they were the hollow plastic ones I grew up with.

Shan said...

Valerie, they're pretty heavy. But they're hollow, so it's not crippling - just heavy enough to keep it in motion. I think the light plastic ones are actually harder to get moving.

There are some pretty impressive hooping vids on YouTube - Jenny has only a few but in one of them she drops the hoop on the beach sand, then casually picks it up and starts it moving again with just her feet.