Friday, July 31, 2009


I got my Rauma books from Denise’s Needleworks last week, and right away decided what to knit first:Damestrompe

Yesterday I went to a LYS’ anniversary sale, and found black and white Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine. The pattern calls for a tension of 34-35 stitches over 4 inches in pattern, on a 2mm needle.

I swatched, and…want to see what 12 stitches to the inch looks like?



So I’m going up a few needle sizes – I’ll probably settle somewhere around a 2.75 or 3mm needle. I don’t think the yarn would work well on anything bigger. I might have to change yarns, but I devoutly hope not.

Also bought a Rowan knitting bag (my first ever REAL knitting bag) at the sale – half price at $41.


The inside is gratifyingly large – I could easily put a complete, full-sized sweater project in here, plus a couple of pairs of socks and some carding. Score!


Lastly, my total output on the Shetland so far…


I’m pleased with my progress, though I wish I had spun the white a bit more consistently. I’m not sure what I did differently – I think one of the colours has more twist in the single than the other colour, but I am not totally sure which. I like the feel of the grey much better than the white – the white’s a bit ropy and the plies aren’t hugging together as well as I’d like them to. Maybe I should have added more twist while plying?


Carolyn said...

Oooh, pretty!

I'm having gauge issues, though. If you're aiming for 34-35 sts/4 cms, that's just under 9 sts/cm, and so 12 sts/" is NOT too small. If the first cms is inches, though, then all is dandy.

My first Fair Isle sock had gauge issues as well. It was a tourniquet.

Jodi said...

Gorgeous all around! The Shetland spun up beautifully, and I am SO jealous of your gorgeous knitting bag! I had been eyeing those, but couldn't justify paying full price.

Dave Hingsburger said...

OK, so you turned sheep into wool. I think we'd better dunk you in the pond for 15 minutes and see if you live. WITCH!!! WITCH!!! SORCERESS!!!! WOOD NYMPH!!! TO THE POND WITH HER .... um, sorry, got carried away.

Shan said...

You're right, Carolyn - I'm mixing Imperial and metric, sorry. I edited to fix it - thanks. I should be at just under 9 sts to the inch, and I am at 12.

Dave - thank you for the best laugh I've had in weeks!

bethro said...


Emily said...

Those stockings are freaking amazing. I'm really craving knitting an extremely complicated pattern designed by someone else at the moment, and those triggered it for me again. Have a blast!

kate said...

Ah you and the stockings.

And I think I know what sale you were at but I only heard about it today so was too late. 'Cause I need more yarn.

Brenda said...

I made it to the sale yesterday after the Filberg. I need no more yarn!!!!!!! Oh well, so far on this vacation I've been to 7 yarn stores, 1 studio, and 2 vendors at the Filberg.

Your spinning is looking awesome Shannon! I'm in a bit of awe that you are processing and the whole bit.

Kristine said...

So, I finally caved, and bought the MD book for Fern...and then had a total aneurysm at the yarn store and bought pinks in Baby ULL instead of greens. So I decided that instead of Fern, I'm doing Rose. I'll try and actually blog something this week so I show you want you've inspired.

lizbon said...

Okay, I will be bad and admit that I envy the following:

Your ability to knit anything as complex and cool those black and white stockings.

That gorgeous array of handspun. That wheel definitely found the right home.

Gena said...

12 sts to the inch? That might drive me crazy. I'm sure it will be worth it though, 'cause those stockings are phenomenal!