Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I finished spinning the Romney - now that I've really got the hang of the longdraw, I can't believe how fast it was. One evening to do the second bobbin, a day to let it rest, and less than an hour to ply.

I ended up with 136 grams of a 12 wraps-per-inch 2-ply, with an estimated 230 meters. This puts into the worsted-weight category, which was a little heavier than I was going for - I was aiming at DK. Still and all, it'll make a nice something-or-other.

I've started spinning the Shetland, now that I'm comfortable with the woollen longdraw, and the other night I filled a bobbin in an awfully short time. I will be spinning and plying this fleece one ball at a time, apparently - using two bobbins of singles onto two bobbins of 2-ply. I had wanted to do a whole bunch of singles before plying, but I've not got the bobbin space for that. I've only got four bobbins for my wheel (I have three Ashford bobbins but they are shorter in the shaft-length so I have to futz about jimmying washers to keep the tension line from hitting the flyer arms as I spin).

No pictures of Shetland singles yet - next time.

Friday I am doing a performance (real, honest-to-goodness, darkened-theatre gala performance) for which a lot of rehearsal with duet partners is necessary, so I might not post again this week.

Might, though.

Today, tomorrow, and Thursday are good days for planting and transplanting. I went to a local charity plant sale last weekend and have been anxiously waiting to put in all the perennials I bought. I also acquired a hazelnut tree for a song (less than $5) because, I think, it has been chomped by a deer while a seedling. The central trunk is cut off about 2" from the ground and the tree has already started branching below this pollard - it'll be interesting to see how it grows in the next few years.

I think I'll do hanging baskets this year - tips? I've worked out that you need to stuff those suckers fuller than full, and feed them like Hansel and Gretel, but any other less well-known wisdom would be very welcome.

I think they'll be full sun.

Well the great, blustery outdoors awaits. Off I go to get dirty.


kate said...

I am writing this on a break from full-on dirt as we had 8 yards delivered to the side of the house!! (Grass, not garden, unfortunately.)

Your yarn is so pretty.

Baskets, etc ... we'll chat later.

Gwen said...

My wisdom on hanging baskets, gleaned over years of failure: don't forget to water the &%^$# things.

lizbon said...

That yarn looks beautiful.

bethro said...

It's ugly how envious I am of your spinning wheel and garden. Just ugly. That yarn makes it worse.

yarninmypocket said...

Yum, yum, yum! I've never spun Romney, and yours looks gorgeous. I've just finished writing a review of 'the intentional spinner' (can't blog it yet - it's for a guild publication) and that, plus all these lovely fibres that keep poppping up on people's blogs, make me think that I should stop spinning for huuuge projects all the time and go for a 'summer of sampling' instead.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Tis Friday, here is wishing you a wonderful performance!!