Thursday, May 28, 2009

If you say it, they will come.

Miles Copeland, as I live and breathe. I feel quite kerflummoxed, getting a comment from someone who has his own Wiki page.

To your comment: Fair points, certainly. Thin can be beautiful too, and in your chosen arena probably sells better. I concede that.

I tell ballerinas to eat more on a regular basis. Sometimes they hit me, but mostly they just cry. However, what I really want to know is....

what do you think about the sultan overlord thing, and will I get royalties?


carlarey said...

You are now one virtual degree of separation from The Police. I am so jealous.

kate said...

While I totally respect Mr. Copeland (The Police were formative in my music development), I politely disagree with some of his commentary. It is a well thought out rebuttal, but it misses the mark in some places.
Ballet never was about more mature women dancing, it wasn't a "native dance" so to speak. I suppose for me there is a question of whether people who are serious about belly dancing in the traditional sense appreciate it being compared to Riverdance or the like. Maybe what it has become on that stage is something different. Apples and oranges?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes they hit you, sometimes they cry... So sad... :(