Friday, November 14, 2008

Just this one thing...

I hadn't planned much Christmas knitting this year, knowing as I do that such things tend to happen on their own. I'd like to knit a few things for people, but honestly the number of projects is disproportionate to the number of available hours.

I went over to Jodi's blog one day, though, and Lo and Behold she was showing me the most darling, the cutest, the most having little thing I've ever seen. It's Garnet Hill's Hat & Mitten Advent Calendar, and I immediately cast on for it.

I knit three that first evening - the little garments are about 3.5" tall and take about 20-30 minutes to knit. I'm just using stash yarn, although I might have to buy some other colours, or beg scraps off the knit group. So far I have eight:

The colours are somewhat atypical Christmas fare - especially compared to the original version, which is a riot of primaries - but I will probably make more than needed, and swap out some of the unsatisfactory ones. I think the only one that looks incongruous, so far, is the teeny pink and green one. The shades are too clear - every other item is a little muted, or tweedy, or something. It just doesn't fit in.

I am limiting my time on this to three per day because I do have other obligations, such as a bunch of striped i-cord candy canes for a neighbour's project...but I'd rather knit these twee little mittens and hats, at the moment.

Busy weekend planned, so I shall probably see you Monday. I might actually deliver on the promised book review post, though I'm single-parenting all weekend so I won't commit to that.

Cheerio then!


rona said...

I LOVE those little itty bity mittens and toques!
They would also make great tree decorations, or little gifties for the childrens hospital (you could stuff a mini candy cane in them and hand them out that way :)

Stace' said...

per usual...LOVE IT!

Ames said...

Fiber Goddess does it again.

Shan said...

Rona, I was thinking of that too.

Thanks Stace!

Ames -- WTF?! Who you talkin' about, girl? Durr. {scuffs ground with toe of sneaker}

Bethro said...

Twee is a good word.

knititch said...

oh i wish i hadn't commited to knitting so many other things. and for me it is the knitting that is time consuming too and i only have myself to pick up after. i wish i'd pick up after myself though.
i love the christmas calendar.

lizbon said...

Those are too fracking adorable. My fave is the pink one with a ribbons looped through. Makes me want to knit myself a head-sized version.

Gwen said...

Fracking adorable is right, I had planned to knit a few (or 24) of them myself but now I may as well go hurl myself off a tall building. I'm going to tell Mom you won't let me play with you. You always pick games that are too hard for me. Meany.