Thursday, October 23, 2008

The New Yahoo

I'm talking Jonathan Swift here, not internet-mega-corporation.

I feel oddly disoriented. I've been off the internet for a week, except to post about Jenny and to spend exactly 135 seconds on Ravelry, checking for updates on the knitting group meeting, and now that I'm back on, it's a little weird.

Jeez, people, there is a lot of utter dross on the internet.

I had a bunch of wisdom all lined up to deliver today, but then things kind of fell apart earlier this week and pushed the 'net out of my mind. Now that I come back, it all seems a little no-pointish.

I do have one observation though - I follow way too many blogs. I've got upwards of 60 on Bloglines alone, plus more that I take the time to click to, without subscribing to the feed. So I'm going to drop some of them.

No, don't worry - not yours.

I am going to slow down on the comments, though. I leave about 15 comments per day and I'd just like to give myself a break from that obligation, unless I have something specific to say.

Now, the important stuff - the knitting.

As suspected, I did have more time to knit this week, but not a lot more. I filled up my 'net-free hours with school and the odd basket of laundry. I still had time for some, though:

Odessa, at last, a mere 9 months after I bought the yarn for it:
mental note: makeup next time.

But it's just a wee bit too big so I think I'll rip it back and do it over, using magic loop this time instead of DPNs. I don't like the droopy crown decreases.

It feels pretty good to have a hat though, since everyone else in the family keeps getting showered with knitwear while my ears remain cold.

So do my arms, and my neck. Hence, Teva Durham's Turtleneck Shrug, long-coveted. This is the book photo:

I'm sure this won't be the most flattering garment I've ever worn but at this point, with the thermometer down around 2 degrees, I'm flipping the bird to fashion.

I'm knitting this in Malabrigo Merino Worsted, colourway "Hollyhock". I got the yarn ages ago from Fun Knits and was saving it. Hoarding it, actually. I couldn't afford enough of it to make myself a sweater, and I figured a sweater would be too chunky for me anyway, so when I was hunting around for yarn for this shrug I threw caution to the winds and seized the Malabrigo. Carpe lanem, as David Reidy says.
I actually took a picture of my hand literally flipping the bird to fashion, but it was a bit blurry so I used the demure disembodied arm instead.

There's one more project I have on the needles at the moment, but I'll get to that tomorrow. For now, I've got stuff to do around the house. Having learned my lesson about clicking myself into a black hole where all time and space gets sucked inexorably into a lightless, sensory-deprived vacuum, I'm sure I'll do better from now on.
I'll post updates on Jenny's condition as I receive them. I haven't heard of any change yet.


kate said...

I love the picture of you in Odessa. Make up shmake up.

Jenny said...

I really like the turtle neck shrug!!
Love the pic with your new hat! You look awesome without makeup.
Hope today is a great day for you!

Gwen said...

I like. I'm feeling hatty myself, these days.

Kris said...

The hat looks great.

I so understand about the bloglines thing. I dropped a whole bunch of "popular" blogs and I don't miss them at all. I also tend to stop commenting if I don't some sort of acknowledgement of my comment. I like the conversational nature of the commenting process then.

lizbon said...

Wow - I wish I knew of 60 blogs worth my attention. I follow about 6. Okay maybe 10. But still, not enough to keep me entertained when I'm sick for a week.

I like that Odessa, and that pic. May I suggest that you knit thyself another hat instead of frogging and reknitting, so that your head doesn't freeze in the meantime? Of course, you seem to be a much faster knitter than I am, Internet-diet or no Internet-diet, so perhaps that's a non-issue

Stace' said...

Great work, per usual.

I'm knitting another scarf. Newbie, I am!!!

I'm thrilled that it's cold enough here to turn on the heat. AT LAST!!

You may ax my blog, if you must.

Annalea said...

Isn't it wonderful what time away does for perspective?

Nice portrait with Odessa, too. It's so fun to actually "see" the bloggers I read, instead of imagining their faces.

stephanie said...

Forget makeup! You look totally gorgeous in the Odessa pic.

Shan said...

Sheesh people!! Haven't you ever heard of the expression "washed out"? What's with that lip colour, anyway? It's like I've been feasted on by the undead, who have drained all my life force and left me a dry husk.

But thanks.

Tabatha said...

Welcome Back!! It is good to see you!

The Hat and You look beautiful.

maryanne in pgh said...

Your lips are fine, they are as God made them but I do envy your brows, as God made them and possibly augmented by some good tweezing (ouch).
The knitting is what i envy - after two years I'm still a beginning knitter (all rectangular, all the time) and look to the day when i can do something rounded or with increases and decreases.

mel said...

So nice to see your face Shan - you look lovely just as yourself, no make-up necessary.

I've had a long standing crush on that shrug too, and will enjoy seeing yours.

Commenting not necessary (though I do feel badly about this myself when I fall behind).