Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Utilitarian Knitter

Wow. A whole week went by - how about that?

Look what I got today:

a lovely package from Jo, with the yarn I won on her birthday contest (thanks Jo!). This package was such a treat to receive - along with the yarn she included a pound of Dunkin' Donuts coffee (hilarious), a bag of quite intriguing veggie chips, a package of something called "TastyKakes", four ornament creme eggs (think Easter creme but slightly smaller, with a different wrapper), and several lovely post cards from the Eastern Seaboard. SO NICE. Note the hand stealing into the frame to investigate the ornament egg...Charlotte is monstrously addicted to chocolate and can smell it at fifty paces. I think the yarn will become a hat and wristers for me...I may even cast on tomorrow as this will go FAAAAST and will be a nice break from the Aran. (I'm in sleeveland, by the way.)

And, I received some more yarn for the Print o' the Wave stole, from my Fibre Sistah Shelley. (By the way Shelley I will TOTALLY phone you tomorrow with my Visa number...SO SORRY.) She came through in the crisis and got me a very very close match to the original. Sadly it's not close enough for me to continue knitting the edging from where I am - I had to rip the entire edge off. We're talking about forty repeats, people. Luckily I remembered in the very nick of time that I should take a picture for the blog, so I snapped a couple quick while I still had four inches left. Sometimes I'm not a very good blogger that way - I tend to forget there's an interest in my works in progress, and don't bother to document them.

Anyhow, I somehow didn't take a picture of the new yarn (see above re: not a very good blogger) but I did manage to wind the better part of it into a ball during knit night tonight, by hand. I'll show it to you next time, when I've finished the ball and started knitting the edging on. The new colour contains most of the old colours, plus a few dashes of quite a dark bronzey brown colour. It should be nice....although of course HAVING THE WHOLE STOLE KNIT IN THE SAME DYE LOT WOULD BE BETTER.

One good thing about this situation is that I will be able to weigh the skein before knitting the edging, then weigh it after knitting the edging, thereby deducing the exact amount needed for making this stupid pattern. My incredible bad luck will in the end be turned to the common good, rendering my frustration, annoyance, and expense totally worth it.



Stace' said...

I have to ask, how long do you knit each day?

I know I've said it before, but you amaze me!!!

Jo said...

Cool! That was sure quick! Okay, the TastyKakes are a local thing. They are made in Philadelphia and you can find them in all the shops here. It's the kind of thing that the people near hear always miss when they move away. And those chips are my all-time favourite crunchy snack. They're good for you, too - plenty of fiber and flaxseeds :) And as for the Dunkin' Donuts coffee, most people around here think it is the best coffee-shop coffee. Enjoy!

Jo said...

near here (ARGH!!)

uberstrickenfrau said...

mmmmdonuts........I love Dunkin's chocolate covered white cream inside ones. Sublime. I sent your kiddos their card today, no idea how long it'll take!!!

Kate said...

stupid pattern - snort. You make me giggle.
How many chocolate ornaments are left today, hmmmmmm????

Shan said...

One chocolate ornament is left. It will only be left for about another twenty minutes, when I make myself an espresso.

Stace, I used to knit about 3 hours a day, but I've slowed down because I'm finding the Aran So. Boring. Maybe 1.5 hours a day at the moment? Mostly my knitting happens when I'm doing other things...swimming lessons and Girl Scouts are my favourite times: I get SO much done.

Tabatha said...

Oh, what a nice package of tasty treats.

Stace' said...

Just amazing!!!

lizbon said...

Pretty yarn, super-pretty stole, and Tasty-Kakes! Those remind me of high school. Wish I could still eat that kind of stuff - it's so bad it's good. You know, like a John Waters flick.