Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Call to Stamps.

We Have A Guest Blogger Today

Hello everybody. My name is Charlotte and I am six years old. My sister Emily is 3. I was hoping that some of you or maybe your children would send us a Christmas card because I have never got one before. And if you would like to send me a card, I could send you one too. I would like to get cards from children all around the world.

If you would like to exchange Christmas cards with me, please email my mum. She can tell you my name and address.

Merry Christmas everyone.


- Charlotte
PS: this is us on my birthday.


I have a very sad little girl here who tells me tearfully that she has never received a Christmas card and thinks that if she can send some out, other people will respond. I suspect it's all a ploy to get my new Nutcracker Christmas cards for her very own, but sympathize with her plight. Personal mail is very fun indeed -- and very rare.

If you would like to exchange Christmas cards with us, please drop me a line at the address in the sidebar. You'll get a card from my children, with maybe a picture in it or something from our town. I did actually buy a packet of international stamps the other day, thinking vaguely of starting a bloggy card exchange, so I'm all set here.

Any takers?


karen said...

I would love to receive and SEND a card to Charlotte( and to Emily too - a separate card of course)!! I am not international tho, so you don't need to use one of those fancy Stamps!! - just one of your local neighbors!!!
Only 5 days plus a month to that most wonderful day - Christmas Day, so I better go get some Cards.

kate said...

I know A would love to exchange cards by mail, for the same reason :)

Brenda said...

Well I might not be far away at all, but would love to send a card to Charlotte!

Jo said...

Willow will send your girls a card! I already have your address and you will have mine when your package gets there. BTW, answer my email so I can get the package in the mail!

uberstrickenfrau said...

Yes indeedy, I would like to have a piece of that action! Sign me up sarge. i'll see if I can scout up a South Dakota looking type, dang if I actually know what that would look like.....

Stace' said...

I'm in!!!

We'll make sure the images on our x-mas cards are appropriately clad. :)

lizbon said...

awwwwwwwwww. Aunt Lizbon will be happy to oblige, of course.

Gwen said...

aw, gosh. I'll send off a big envelope full o' love.

knititch said...

i would love to send your girls a card. but unfortunately i am only a very childish 47 year old. hhmm 46 and a half ( i am childish).

joni said...

OH OH please pick me... or rather yes i pick you!! hehe

for Charlottes mommy..so as she can send me your address.


pronto pronto...we only have 27 days to go!!!!