Saturday, July 07, 2007

Now with fewer wheels.

I biked to knit night this week. It was nice to be on two wheels again - in recent years I have got out of the habit of using alternative transport because I am so often packing little humans and all their bits and bobs. So this was a nice unencumbered feeling.

It turns out I am a total loser and no one has the yarn I need to finish the Gothic Spire Socks for my assigned recipient. I've got the shop checking around for me but I'm afraid I will have to move to Plan B, since the August 1 Sockapalooooza deadline looms. (In case someone Out There happens to have a ball of this hanging around, and doesn't need it, it's Regia 4fadig colour 2002 - a dark currant red. Comment or email [see sidebar] and I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.)

I can't quite believe I am having to knit an entire OTHER pair of socks for this exchange. I am so angry with myself for not double-checking the pattern, where it clearly states that you need 2(3,3,3) 50g balls of yarn. So now I have knit 1 2/3 of a pair of fairly complex socks and I still have to do another pair for my Palooooza. Crap, crap, and again I say Crap.

I've moved on, though. I've learned and growed and I think I am in love with these. I bought the pattern about 42 seconds after KG put it up for sale. Now all I need is the perfectest of perfect yarn, and I will be off and running. I will have no problem knitting a pair of socks in 3 weeks (although I will be loth to give them away at the end of it). I am thinking of Fun Knits' Sweatermaker sock yarn...Shelley tells me she's got a couple of nice blue skeins, and if it works with the pattern I will be all over that like Dubya on a turban. Only with less killing. (Hi Jared!)

I'm a little surprised at how upbeat I feel, considering that I haven't yet found the stocking chart, my husband is cracked out on steroids, Gyrid would fit Hagrid, I am out of red sock yarn and have to start a whole new pair, and global warming is making my island muggy like Ontario. I think my good mood is partly due to Phosphoric Acid c30, and partly to these, right outside my front door:

Thank sweet fancy Moses for deer fencing.

Dianthus, because the world needs more dark pink carnations.

Next post I'll try to show you a picture of the ill-fated Gothic Spire Socks, and discuss a mysterious bit of lace.


Kris said...

Have you tried posting on Knitter's Review? They have a pretty large and generous community... I have seen some pretty hard to come by yarns found there...

Jo said...

Did you honestly ride your bike with the WIP in the water bottle socket?!!?

I hope you are able to find that extra ball of sock yarn (sorry, I don't have one!)

Kate said...

At least the flowers are enjoying the humidity. Again today ... ugh. I didn't stay in Ottawa for a reason!!
One of these days the universe will right its balance. I have to believe that.

lizbon said...

I am trying to think of a way to make using a different-colored yarn a design element, but I think it would inherently involve ripping - or knitting a new second sock out of a different color. I mean, colour.

And of course, not everyone is down with particolored socks. Or bicolor. Or bicolour.

Those flowers are gorgeous. I want to drink them.

KingJaymz said...

Great merciful crap! I can actually comment! I sometimes get lucky and my computer does not time out loading your blog, but it always does on the comments. I'll make this quick (before the computer changes its mind). I'm always over here reading your posts. I visit every day. I love your blog. No, the design on those jeans was not too girly, as long as Mr. HSB and you like them, it's all good. The flowers look beautiful.


Sue H said...

"Goodonya" for riding your bike. Not only is that better for the poor environment, it's better for you. Exercise is a great mood elevator.