Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Crazy? no. Lazy and Hazy? sure.

It ain't no use; I'm plumb fetaggled.
Come an' put this team away.
I won't plow another furrer;
It's too mortal hot to-day.
I ain't weak, nor I ain't lazy,
But I'll stand this half day's loss
'Fore I let the devil make me
Lose my patience an' git cross.
-Paul Laurence Dunbar


Summer, it seems, has come at last and we're all knee-deep in moaning and complaining about the heat. I've got a fair lot of digging to do this week, but I can't manage it in 35 degree weather. So I spent this morning wandering around taking a few pictures for you, of things in my garden that make me happy.

Shasta babies - just made their appearance last week. The mama is about a meter tall.

This is what I see when I look straight up from the blanket in my favourite shade patch.

In two months this will be a beautiful ball of cool purple. See my bell string hanging there too?


I wish you cool ice tea, maybe a julep or two, and a hammock in a shady spot. Now, I'm off to put a couple more ice cubes in my gin and tonic.


lizbon said...

Oh, that glimpse of blue sky through the leaves looks like heaven.

Shan said...

If only you could hear it and smell it – grasshoppers and cut grass and sprinklers, Next-Door's kids laughing, sunscreen, the rosemary bush giving off hot waves of scent….I just lie there with my feet under the sprinkler, reading Goblet of Fire, eating cold cherries, and soaking it all up. I LOVE being a SAHM.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Yes, I'm green.
Loved your last post on the surprise, the funnie thing is, I was reading this to a friend of our who is visiting and he spent alot of time there in Oz, he told me all about tim tams just before I read the comments! Ha ha. had a good laugh. Still green through. Your livin the good life!

Ames said...

Can I come lie in your hammock, drink tea, knit, and share your Tim Tams?