Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another Road Trip

I am off today to see the Yarn Harlot's speechifying in Victoria. I have mixed feelings about it - I don't like sycophancy in general, and completely lack even a smidgen of groupie mentality. The more popular someone is, the more reluctant I am to join the hue and cry around them. On the other hand, there's a certain must-do quality about a Harlot book launch: if you are a modern knitter, aware of the cyber-fibre world, you have a duty to show your solidarity by showing up to whichever of her appearances are within geographical reach of you.

I should clarify - there's nothing wrong with her at all. What I dislike is the sucking up - the endless "oh, our beloved Harlot is so amazing!" "Me too!" "Me too!" It fills me with revulsion.

What I'm more excited about is the chance to spend a day with my friends and maybe pick up some good stuff...I do believe I'll suspend the Yarn Moratorium for today. I'm also hoping to find something amazing at Four Seasons Fabrics on View Street - they stock actual Liberty of London cotton lawn! (I feel faint just thinking about it.)

So, I'll see you in a couple of days with a post about the trip. Who knows? maybe she'll be really charismatic and charming, and I'll be glad to have seen her in person. If I can overcome my cynical abhorrence at seeing hundreds of women gasping and sighing over one knitter, maybe I'll have a good time.


lizbon said...

I agree with you completely about the sycophancy (dear god am I spelling that correctly? is it even a word? I am too lazy to get up from this couch and get my dictionary), and yet - I saw Steph during her big Represent event here, and I found her charming and disarming, and well worth listening to. Also, she seems to be fairly uncomfortable being the recipient of such extensive gushing. I suspect you will enjoy her talk. Either that or I am more of a pushover than you....

Kate said...

You KNOW you had fun tonight... I heard you laughing! What a great time, hope we can do more field trips.

Penny said...

Luckily Stephanie hasn't made it over here, because I feel exactly the same way. If you're a salesman trying to get me to buy something, the absolute worst thing to say is "everyone else has/wants one".

Anyway, I hope you had a good time.