Thursday, February 15, 2007

Shell Tank

Okay, spring can come any time, now.
Shell Tank
Cast On: February 8
Bound Off: February 15
Pattern: Norah Gaughan's, from Knitting Nature
Yarn: 6 balls Jo Sharp Soho Summer 100% cotton, 100m/50g, colourway "Thyme"
Source: Urban Yarns
Yarn Cost: $18
Needles: splintery "Collection" bamboo 3.5 mm circular, and lethally sharp 3mm, 14" steel Boye
Tension: 23 sts/inch
Finished size: 44" bust, give or take an inch. Probably closer to 43".
Speaking of bust, please overlook the white bra show-through. How fugly. I had to put the flash on and ended up flashing more than I intended. No one was available to take pictures of me, as usual, so I had to make the best of it by myself.
Mods: None, surprisingly, except for a yarn sub from Classic Elite's Flash to Soho Summer.
Notes: This was a quick one. Fun to knit, even with the profusion of stockinette. I would knit this again, but I would add at least an inch to the finished back length. It would require some screwing around with the right-front increases (because the front doesn't need to be any longer), but the back really is too short as it is. Finished size is 19", as given in the pattern, but I'm hoping I can block an extra inch or so of length into it.
The shell tank, reclining on a bed of heather. Much as I'd like to do, myself.
And, while I was outside in the weak February sun, strewing the landscape with knitting, I saw that spring is, indeed, trying its damnedest.


Kate said...

Man I love that colour! It looks awesome. Show the seaming, come on ... you know you want to :)
Seriously looks great Shan. Very fashionable (as someone else pointed out...).

Anna said...

So gorgeous! I'm still in the heavy wool season...can't quite see spring on the horizon yet!

Jo said...

It looks absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't worry about the bra - I hadn't even noticed until you pointed it out. I received that book for Christmas and that is definitely one of the tops I would like to knit.

Enjoy the buds... we just had an ice storm here in Delaware!

amanda said...

What a fast knit! It looks great and I can't wait for spring either.

Hildie said...

I read on Ysolda's blog that you are looking for a utopian matriarchal novel. Try Ariadne, A Novel of Ancient Crete. It's brilliant. The author is June Rachuy Brindel. Out of print but you can get it used, cheap, on the web.

Susan said...

Love the top, and didn't notice the white bra till you mentioned it.

Just noticed Hildie's comment. I love stories about Ariadne, and I have used the name as my online name for many years. I will have to buy the book, tell Hildie thanks please.