Monday, December 04, 2006

St Bleh-gid

St Brigid. I was charging along, flying through the rounds, loving the cabley goodness, with nothing to stop me, and then...something stopped me.

Here's the problem. We had planned to take a trip in mid-December to Terrace, to visit my sister and her family. We weren't going to be there for Christmas itself, but pretty close.

We started making travel plans, and began hitting obstacle after obstacle. The flights were full, or almost full; on the return leg we could get to Vancouver, but not all the way over to the island; the dates we wanted were unavailable and our trip would be six days instead of the planned ten. On top of everything, it was going to cost us a couple of hundred dollars more than we had planned, making it a 6 day trip for $1200, and not even for Christmas itself.

Long story short - we cancelled. Well, strictly speaking, we postponed the trip until spring or summer. Which is fine, and will be great, except that I want to see my sister. And I want to spend Christmas with my sister, not Easter (who cares about Easter?), or Canada Day. I am definitely in the doldrums, and the first casualty was St Brigid.

I wanted to wear Brigid, you see, to show my sister. It was going to be my Christmas sweater, my hanging-around-northern-BC-in-December sweater, my showing-off-to-all-Gwen's-friends sweater. Gwen doesn't actively knit (though she knows how), so I have made her the odd pair of socks or woolly jumper, and I have now a bit of a reputation as Gwen's Knitting Sister. See? I would have HAD to wear something impressive, and I think Brigid would have fit the bill.

But now I just don't see the point. All the fun has gone out of it. I don't want to knit - I would rather do dishes, even. So, I guess I won't be showing you any more progress shots for a while, until I get my joy back.


Kate said...

Oh Shan, I'm so sorry to hear the trip won't be working out. I know how much you were looking forward to it. Boo hoo :(

Gwen said...

Bugger it. I'd forgotten for an hour or two.

Brenda Oig said...

That's so sad. Maybe you can go right after Christmas? I hope you get your joy back soon, I want to see that sweater. You've come a long way from our little knitting visits. :) And I don't knit at all now. How sad.

karen said...

Oh Shoot!
How about renting a Hummer and driving to Terrace and forget the *%#@ airlines and there expensive flights and dates and limitations etc.... driving in snow is something that we are now really experienced with, after our few days of snow!!!! I am sooo disappointed for you too.... is there another form of transport that might work ( other than Hummer or airline?) Hope to see you on Wednesday.. bring your project - we'll inject you with joy!!