Tuesday, December 05, 2006


After I got up this morning I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and thought in surprise “Goodness, my stomach looks awfully flat when it’s COMPLETELY EMPTY. Shame I have to eat to live.” But the image of my flat stomach was compelling – I just couldn’t devour a bunch of filling carbs. I decided on one of my famous Feel-Your-Hair-Grow protein shakes.

- tofu
- plain yogurt
- banana
- orange (minus the peel)
- frozen berries

I have to admit it was a bit cold for 9:00 on a December morning, but at least my stomach has retained its concavity, however temporarily.

After I finished the dishes last night I tied on the old coin belt and spent a couple of hours dancing. I have been working on an original choreography; something I have never done before. I thought of myself as a free-form person, and thought that I would work from start to finish, inventing the moves organically as the music progressed. I soon realized that I’m much more organized than I had thought…I drew a complete blank and just stood there foolishly, becoming increasingly irritated with the music. It had previously seemed enchanting and hypnotic – it was becoming repetitive and grating. I had to sit down with Carnegie, paper and a pencil, and break down the song into sections, counts, rhythm changes, what have you.

It made so much more sense that way, and before long I was dancing. It felt great to do something so creative and new.

(You bet, the iPod is a traditional part of a Middle Eastern dancer's wardrobe.)

I snapped the following picture after realizing that the coffee table presented an interesting juxtaposition of, basically, everything in my life. All the major themes are here: the current choreograph, with Carnegie and a pair of zils; the yoga socks project; and all my homeschooling stuff. I forgot to put it away after our unit on charity, which we completed yesterday afternoon just before heading out to the Angel Tree to choose a few names to buy for.

That's my dance notebook, with bits of choreography scribbled on it. I have what I think is a clever system – those stickies each have sequences of moves on them - each between 8 and 16 counts, and I can rearrange them in different orders until I find one that works.

I have almost finished the yoga socks, and just in time too. Tonight is belly dance – I should get the ends woven in this afternoon while Charlotte is at her painting class at the art gallery, then I’ll have another FO to post tomorrow.


Gwen said...

The protein shake is only slightly less sexy than you doing the Maya! In fact, you've inspired me to start making them again. Lately we've had a lot of scrambed-egg-and-cheese sandwiches, and perhaps it's time to move to something more healthful.

Your post-it system is really very clever. (You should put Charlotte's move in there!) I'm looking forward to seeing the whole dance soon. You've come a long way from the Ukraine, baby!

Gwen said...

By the way, should say that since seeing you dance this October, I've realized that the zills really add to the dance. I hope you're going to use them for this one!