Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Paging Linus van Pelt

I came online this morning and took a look at the blog, and thought: I've not posted for two months? I guess that sounds about right - on the one hand, I hardly noticed the time go by; on the other, sometimes every day is like a month.

Christmas approaches fast, and with it the end of a difficult year. I'm trying to use a single word to describe 2014, but everything I come up with, sounds so dramatic. I think, "Maybe "gruelling"?" But then I wonder whether "gruelling" is yet to come, and I ain't seen nothin' yet.

Not a very optimistic approach to the new year's possibilities.

My children come to me, anxious, upset that they're "not in the Christmas spirit." I feel so badly for them. Not in the Christmas spirit?! I worry, They're only children! But then I remember that, when I was 13, I despaired of ever feeling it again.

I guess they'll just have to get through it, like I did.

Like I do.

Hard not to scramble around trying to think of things to DO to make it happen for them.

Gingerbread? We could do another gingerbread house...

The Nutcracker is playing down-island...should I invest a couple of hundred dollars and take them...?

We could go up and spend the day snowshoeing on the mountain...

Maybe volunteer at the Food Bank again...

I hate that I can't fix it. I can't just put them in charge of directing the Christmas play, and getting a tree (a GOOD tree, not a POOR tree), and have them learn the true meaning all over again.

Solutions for this problem -- growing up -- don't come in 20 minute animated specials, classic though they might be.

And they don't come in blog posts, either.


Jeannette said...

I remember feeling that. I think it's part of leaving bits of childhood behind.
It's okay. That "spirit" somehow magically does come. It sneaks up on us sometimes when we least expect it.
In the meantime, good luck, and, yes indeedy, Merry Christmas.

Shan said...

Thanks for commenting, Jeannette, and you're right - it's part of leaving childhood behind. For me, one of the more difficult hard to watch as it was to go through.

Merry Christmas!

Jeannette said...

For me, the worst part was the day I tried to play with my dolls, and that magic of going into "pretend" mode did not happen. I realized I was growing up, and I realized I had lost something wonderful.
I never mentioned it to my mother....

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. We girls are so darn introspective. I forget how normal that is in this house of mine.
13 year old girls. What a time.
Have Christmas come in whatever way it does, not how it "should".

Dave Hingsburger said...

If one allows it to, over the years, Christmas will evolve and change - as you do. It will meet your needs every year, as long as you don't ask it to be the Christmas you had at four, when what you really need is the Christmas that is as old and weathered as you. Each year I prepare to me this years Christmas, the new and different one, the one I've never had before. I bring the traditions, it, as it aways does, brings something much more.