Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas All

Having remained uncharacteristically silent during Advent, I come to you from a house where, despite chaos and a lack of both order and readiness, Christmas is nearly arrived. I love the inevitability of it...the point at which (24 hours from now, to be exact) nothing more can be done. The messy laundry room will stay as it is until the New Year. At which time, I'm sure, my seasonal deacquisition mania will hit hard: local thrift shops will stagger under the onslaught.

I suspect I might spend half Christmas week in tears. Though I'm not a gloomy person in general, my retrospective on 2013 will inevitably be a little sad.

My friends, may yours be happy.

Good Yule!


Carolyn said...

Seasonal Deacquisition Mania. I like it! Mine kicks in around Thanksgiving, so that everything is nice and tidy (theoretically) for Christmas and the lovely things my mom gets for the kids.

I'm not sure which my family dreads more: my decluttering or my home remedies.

Celine said...

Cry when you need to. And then look at how far you and your family have come this year, how strong your daughter is, and how much more meaning life has after a challenge like the one you all faced.

Enjoy the emotional roller coaster. And here's to an uneventful 2014!