Monday, August 05, 2013

Facebook - the new blogger?

I find I post a lot of things on Facebook, now, that in times past I would have put on the blog. I think with being tired and busy, it's easier just to pop a photo onto Facebook straight from my phone, without having to go through the process of adding text into a post window. On the plus side, I've got a lot of photos to save you the trouble of reading! Win-win.

I took the kids to the pool again tonight, and made another stab at the jump shot. Did a little better this time:

This is one of my favourite ways to spend time in the summer - sitting by the pool deck, book in hand, looking up every now and again to count heads, and just steeping in the atmosphere. The kids in the pool are all splashing, calling, yelling, and laughing. The lifeguards, all sun-bronzed skin and sun-bleached hair, take turns plugging their reggae-filled iPods into a huge portable stereo. On the other side of the chain link fence I lean against, swing chains squeak and children run through gravel. Together, there is nothing more soothing: the happy, dreamy, endless noise of summer for me.

Today, I left "I Capture the Castle" at home and instead worked on the gansey vest.

Sometimes I take off my glasses and then everything looks exactly like this photo: the only thing in focus is the wool and the needles.

And here is my Dad, who walked in to my kitchen as I was making him dinner last week, and took me literally when I suggested he grab an apron and make himself useful. He chose my daughter's Frosted Cupcake apron, and made himself useful by being hilarious in a number of kitcheny scenes and poses.

This is a complete fake. The only thing he is looking for in the fridge is a photo-op.

Dad is stirring a big bowl of nothing, so fast that his hand is blurry. AWESOME.


Gwen said...

I'm not kidding when I tell you that I looked at the first picture of Dad and burst into noisy sobs. I think it's about time for a visit.

Shan said...

Yep, I knew you would. Booky von jetplane?

Anonymous said...

I'm back on Facebook after a long hiatus, as the boy at 13 wanted to go on. I find I like the blog stories though, and know that I have different people in each place.

As for you, whatever you post I'll enjoy, as I did this one!


Susie Hewer said...

LOL at your dad!

FB v Blogger? No contest; in my opinion it has to be blogger. I use FB for short conversations with lots of friends at once but blogger is where I can reach out to a wider audience about a variety of subjects.