Sunday, September 16, 2012

yonks ago

Haven't posted in ages.

1-got a job. Handful of hours a week, used bookstore, small wage, HUGE fun. Owner was an old acquaintance of mine (now a friend) who understood I was homeschooling and said "Bring your kids when you need to."
2-had a great two months doing something new, loving the literary environment.
3-the kids even got to come and help out.
4-my boss emailed me last night to say she's packing it in....going out of business. Sudden? yep. Totally unexpected given this economic climate? nope. Crushing disappointment and sudden loss of purpose? yep.

5-The bit of money needs to be made despite the loss of this job.
6-I am going to open an Etsy shop.
7-Will keep you posted!


kate said...

Oh Shan, I'm sorry to hear this news. :(

Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh, no. I'm saddened for you ... an email out of the blue like that can send even the most level headed person into a tailspin. I'm also saddened at the loss of yet another bookstore. We steadfastly shop at our neighbourhood bookstore, which is admittedly one of those large ones, simply because we WANT it in our neighbourhood. Even though things are cheaper on line, often, the cost of having to shop on line, not being able to browse or enjoy the atmosphere that only bookstores have, is too high. Anyways, all to say, gosh, that's tough for you and for the community that bookstore served.

Susie Hewer said...

Oh Shan, what a shame. A bookstore seems the most appropriate of places for you to spend your time. These things happen for a reason though so perhaps the Etsy shop will provide the solution. I've often wondered about doing that myself. Good luck, Susie xxx

Jeannette said...

So sorry about the bookshop. It's a shame on many levels.
On the other hand, I have the feeling that you're going to do really well with an Etsy shop!
One door closes, and another opens. Always.
Good luck, Shan.

sulu-design said...

This isn't exactly where I wanted to respond to your recent blog comment... but PORTLAND! Where will you be for your one day in town? I'll be at work, no doubt, but will have lots of suggestions for you no matter where you'll be for that one day. Fun!