Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things You Don't Know About


It seems, these days, not much makes it to the blog. There are a lot of reasons for this - most not very good ones, but one or two completely valid. Anyway, lots of text-heavy posts have shown up lately, and I feel a need for balance.

What I've been doing without telling you:

1: another doll outfit for a birthday present. It's become a goal of mine, when making these, to only use what I've already got in the house. Added some nifty needle-felting to this little vest.

2: One morning I said to myself, exasperated, "Where are all my knickers? I have, like, NONE." Then I remembered I own a washing machine. Here's what the clothesline looked like an hour later. (I nearly had to wear something from my thong collection, circa 1998. What on earth was I thinking back then?)

3: A pencil crayon roll, in progress.

4: Rheingold, blocking.

5: My daughter and I went to the beach one day.

6: And at the beach, a transient poem in the form of an unread letter, beginning "This is where I got over you." On a piece of driftwood, fittingly. One line says "This is where I found out I needed something new." I wish I could decipher the rest of it.

7: Mudpies with my daughter.

8: A sweater for Ruby. Knitted, sewn, blocked, wrapped, and delivered, with not a word to you about it.

9: Last year, I knitted a Sackboy. Here, he doesn't have a face yet.

10: Went to see Alison Krauss & Union Station at Vancouver Island Music Fest two weeks ago. No photos, as I decided to LIVE the concert rather than DOCUMENT it. Was quite amused by people getting frustrated trying to record favourite numbers on their cell phones, and as a result, missing the music.

And that's all, folks! More later, when I'll bring you up to date on the (soon and very soon oh my gosh I have so much to do) family reunion happening here in ten days. Smooches!


Gwen said...

OH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Be there in 1.5 weeks, doll face.

Annalea said...

Wow. You certainly have been busy. :o) Lovely color-filled real-life busy. Wonderful!

Oh, and I absolutely adore your hair in that last shot. Adore it. (I have nearly-straight, but not straight enough to ever look all that great, hair. Hum.)

Have a wonderful weekend, and family reunion! (I love those . . . )

Dave Hingsburger said...

One line of that poem is 'this is where I cried my last tear' ... I really hope you kept the driftwood. That is 'found art' I LOVE it. I'd frame it or something. Never throw that out! Man, that's one of the coolest finds I've ever seen.

a woman, with her child, wandering the beach and finding a piece of driftwood with a mysterious message that she becomes more and mroe able to read over time sounds like the perfect plot for a novel or short story.


I love that thing.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Another line: This is where I learned to trust myself.

Dave Hingsburger said...

this is where I found out I needed someone new.

kristieinbc said...

The doll vest is great! I really wish I had thought to knit clothes for my girls' American dolls when they were young. And I love your clothesline picture!

Ames said...

You. Are. Shantastic.

lizbon said...

Um, how awesome is it that your underwear is mostly red. That's not really a question.

Also, that the three pics that start from there are essentially similar progressions. The first two, progressions of color, Rheingold some other kind of progression, I dunno, but it seems like one.