Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Get this. I was just on the phone with a friend who, when I said "No one offered me any advice," said this to me:

"Shannon, do you know that you present as a person who has it all together?"

Momentarily speechless, I recovered, resorted to Georgette Heyer and replied blankly, "Good God!"

 * * *
Slightly more than five months have passed since Sandy's death. It seems like both a long time and a short time - more long than short. I often find myself feeling as if she belongs to an entirely different lifetime I once had. I wish that one wasn't over.
 * * *
I am knitting nearly every day, trying to finish the Rheingold Wrap. It is now about the same height as I am, so I am awfully close to finishing. I've started cutting fringe for it, to make sure I don't run out of yarn in my attempt to get it as long as possible.
 * * *
Got a nondescript envelope in the mail last week which proved to be four tickets to Cirque du Soleil this summer - Mr WonderfulHSB knows the path to a girl's heart. (Lithesome humans in catsuits, fantastically made up, hurtling through the air while performing death-defying feats of athleticism and grace.) I cannot WAIT.
 * * *
Recovering slowly from a fairly paralysing form of stomach flu that has incapacitated me for the better part of a week. During that time, I watched "Middlemarch", which I don't think was as helpful as it ought to have been.
 * * *
And I am reading Henry James' short stories. I'm not sure how I got to the age of 37 without having read "Daisy Miller" but that omission is now repaired. It was well enough, though I prefer "The Aspern Papers", also new to me, and in the same volume. I don't think I care for James' heroes (possibly better described as "narrators") - they are very wishy-washy.


Dave Hingsburger said...

You are not 37! Stop saying that. It annoys me. If you are 37 then I am ... oh to hell with attempting math after 3:30 ... just stop it.

Anna said...

It's amazing how much, and how little can happen in 5 months. A baby can go from blob to person, or an adult can barely notice that the time passed at all. I miss my friend just as much two years on, but I am more used to having both sides of a conversation in my head.

lizbon said...

How I dislike the notion that anyone has it all together. What a heavy load that would be to carry around. I think you present as strong. In fact, I think you are strong. That's quite different.

Rona said...

Well Hello you :) All I have to say is.... You lucky Bum Cirque Du Soleil! Oh yeah & I hope you and yours are well ;) .... grumbles to herself, Cirque Du Soleil.... :)